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Your guide to the best mooncakes in KL for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Are you ready for some mouth-watering mooncakes?

With the Mid-Autumn Festival happening on September 21, it’s time to think about this year’s celebration – and of course no celebration is complete without mooncakes. Notable hotels have come up with the most exquisite designs and delectable flavours this year. Mooncakes aren’t just for a sweet indulgence, they also count as stunning gifts to your loved ones. Imagine the smile on their faces when they see this arriving to their doorstep. 

Without further ado, scroll down to see what five-star hotels and restaurants in KL are offering to brighten up the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Hero & Featured image credit: Four Seasons Hotel KL

This year, EQ KL is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with celestial treasure offerings. You’ll have two options to choose from between the traditional baked mooncakes and hand-crafted snow skin mooncakes. The hotel’s mooncake master Chef Lai introduces new flavours of taro with sugar winter melon and Chinese pickles. Don’t fret, if you missed the award-winning Yuzu Pandan mooncake with Musang King Durian last year, you could order it this year. Plus, you get to pick between the Longevity box, featuring illustrations of rabbits representing a symbol of longevity, and the Autumn box, which represents a time of harvest and warmth of family reunion with its delicate flora and fauna illustrations.

Available from 1 August till 30 September 2021. 

For enquiries, dineateqkl@kul.equatorial.com, or WhatsApp the number below.

Traditional baked mooncake set
RM188 per box of four pieces
Snow skin mooncake set
RM228 per box of six pieces

What we love about Mandarin Oriental’s gift box this year is its sustainability initiative by using bamboo for its packaging. With six halal-certified delicate flavours from Lai Po Heen, you’ll have a choice between their traditional baked, snow skin and chocolate mooncake. While the traditional lotus- , black sesame- and red bean paste are go-to favourites, the health-conscious can mix it up with the low sugar White Lotus Paste mooncake, while chocolate lovers can seek out chocolate mooncakes. Not forgetting the Snowskin Musang King Durian.

Available from 1 July to 21 September 2021.

To make an inquiry or to order, please email mokul-lpoheen@mohg.com

RM34 - 45

Grand Hyatt elevates its Mid-Autumn sets by collaborating with renowned Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi. With her take on ancestral inspirations from her childhood and the hotel itself, this year’s The Grand Gambit packaging design is worth mentioning. Inspired by a western chess box, this set also functions as a 2-in-1 board game (with complete chess pieces and dice) for family game nights. To complete the set, The Jade Tote – inspired by the legends of a mystical hare that calls the Moon its home – comes as a carrier. As for the mooncakes, purists can opt for traditional flavours, while those gravitate towards a modern twist, don’t miss out on salted caramel and dark chocolate truffle.

Available for pre-order on Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Online Store and you can contact store.kuagh@hyatt.com for bulk purchase enquiries.

Traditional Baked Skin Mooncakes (four pieces)
RM253.13 nett
Snow Skin Mooncakes (five pieces)
MYR 284.93 nett

Four Seasons Hotel KL introduces its mooncake offerings in a gorgeous deep-red box, created by the talented team of Yun House and Chef Jimmy Wong. In the spotlight are Yun House x Bar Trigona mooncakes (non-halal) with their cocktail-inspired palate from the award-winning bar. Those who enjoy the Musang King Durian and Bird’s Nest with Red Dates will appreciate these signatures. Other highlights are baked mooncakes with luxurious fillings like Pu Er Tea Paste with Tangerine skin, Szechuan Ma La Mung Bean and not forgetting the summer-inspired creations of Mango with Lotus Seed Paste.

The Mooncake Menu at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur is available for order from 1 July 2021 onwards. Mooncakes can be picked up from 20 July 2021 onwards. To reserve boxes, click here or get in touch via the Four Seasons App.

Inspired by founder John Jacob Astor IV’s love of travel and penmanship during his voyages are two beautiful mooncake trunks. Each, either with rose gold studs or embellished with Swarovski crystals, is designed to fit four to eight mooncakes. It will look great as decor in your living room too. The hotel even upsizes the traditional flavour this year, with the White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk available in 6.5 inches. For a personal touch, each trunk is presented with a card delivering your heartwarming messages to your loved ones.

For more information or to place an order, call or email dining.kualalumpur@stregis.com

Classic Trunk (4 pieces)
Classic Trunk (8 pieces)
Limited-edition Swarovski Super Mooncake Trunk (1 pc)

Be prepared to discover a world of oriental treasure with Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. This year’s selections are filled with classics, but our attention is turned by the refined turquoise chest gift set and boozy snow skin treats (non-halal) crafted by the hotel’s master chefs. From Prosecco-Raspberry Limoncello and Bacardi Rum-Flavoured Chocolate Ganache & Dried Strawberries to Absolut Vodka with Illy Espresso, to the signature Illy Coffee Macchiato and Roasted Hazelnut Snow Skin Mooncake, the flavours are superb.

Available from 1 August – 21 September 2021. Pre-orders are welcome. Simply Whatsapp or purchase from Latitude 03, lobby level of the hotel or online.

Timeless Baked Classics
RM41 - 34 per piece
Premium Gift Set (Box of 4)
Snow Skin Creations
Bold & Boozy Snow Skin Gems
RM51 - 54 per piece

Hilton Kuala Lumpur is going above and beyond for the celebration. Presenting its Jade Moon gift box, this year’s two-tiered mint-green box comes with baked favourites of White Lotus Paste, Pandan Paste with Single Yolk, Green Tea Lotus and more. As for the signatures, the hotel is presenting a luxurious snow skin mooncake called the Royal Jade. If you’re intrigued, it’s a smooth blend of white lotus paste and salted mung bean filling with a sweet crunch from cashew nut nibs. Of course, there are other snow skin flavours worth mentioning – Amaretto Lotus Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine (Blue Moon), Lotus Paste with Soft Custard Egg Yolk (Flower Drum), and Pure Premium Musang King Durian (Heavenly Gold). In addition, you will receive a ceramic tea set with Chynna’s signature eight treasures tea when you make your purchase.

Available for purchase at the hotel lobby or online from 16 July until 26 September 2021. 

Traditional Baked Mooncakes
RM35 - 38 nett
Snow Skin Blue Moon + Flower Drum Mooncakes
RM35 nett
Snow Skin Heavenly Gold Mooncakes
RM56 nett
Jade Moon Traditional Baked
Jade Moon Snow Skin Gift Set

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara adds an element of fun with this year’s selection of nine unique flavours. The hotel’s signature is the Dragon Fruit with Blueberry Truffle (RM42 nett) containing fresh dragon fruit cubes, puree and blueberry truffles. There are also the taro with raspberry, matcha with purple sweet potato and tiramisu with custard cream snow skin mooncakes. Also, you get to pick between two classy packagings to accompany your selections from the Classic Gold Treasure Box (RM146 nett) and the Royal Premium Wine Bag (RM221 nett).

Available from 6 August till 26 September 2021. For enquiries and to order, please email HA123-FB3@SOFITEL.COM or call the number below.

Snow Skin Mooncakes
RM42 nett
Baked Skin Mooncakes
RM38 - 42 nett
The Classic Gold Treasure box
RM146 nett
Royal Premium Wine Bag
RM221 nett

Get moonstruck with the iridescent hues and appetising flavours of W Kuala Lumpur’s mooncake collection. In collaboration with the brilliant team behind Gung Ho’s ‘Crazy Asians’ art pieces, you will find your traditional favourites, crafted by the team at YEN, enveloped in pop art boxes and luminous collectors bags. When you purchase four delectable mooncakes, you get to pick either the blue or purple gift bags to bring home. Plus, you can repurpose them as an essential or travelling bag too.

Mooncakes will be available for sale from 19 July till 21 September 2021. 

Traditional mooncake
RM41 - 46+ per piece
Limited edition Moonstruck Mooncake (Box of 4)

Durian and Pandan lovers, listen up. The RuMa Hotel and Residences introduces its Limited Edition Mooncakes to indulge in this year. Individually handcrafted and made with the finest ingredients, each box contains a Durian Paste with Single Yolk and Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. Be sure to WhatsApp your orders, or email reservations@theruma.com to get your hands on them, while stocks last.

On sale from 12 July till 21 September 2021

Mooncakes by RuMa (two pieces per box)

11 /26

Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel

Sheraton Petaling Jaya releases a unique approach to their snow skin mooncakes with four distinctive flavours: Ginger with Chocolate, Chitose Strawberry with White Chocolate, Green Tea and Yuzu. Don’t worry, traditionalists can appreciate comfort favourites from Baked Pure Lotus Paste, Baked Red Bean Paste, and beyond. Plus, you will get to pick not just one, but three gift box sets in either Pink Blossom, Orange Sapphire, or Moonstone Treasure, and reuse them later as jewellery boxes or tissue dispensers.

The mooncakes are available for purchase from 15 July till 21 September 2021. For enquiries or booking, please contact the numbers below or email dining.spj@sheraton.co

+603-7622-8888 / +6017-228-6098 / +6017-228-6183
Snow Skin (Four pieces per box)
RM148 nett
Traditional Baked (Four pieces per box)
RM148 nett
Snow skin (per piece)
RM32 nett
Classics (per piece)
RM23 nett

12 /26

Li-Yen at The Ritz-Carlton KL

Specially designed by Dim Sum Chef Tan, this year’s selections are filled with traditional baked and snow skin favourites of lotus, white lotus and red bean paste. As an elegant surprise, the return of the Moet & Chandon Champagne Snow Skin (non-halal) series and exclusive Rose Imperial Champagne selections makes its debut on the menu too – perfect for those who enjoy a boozy twist to their delectable treats.

Available from 8 August till 21 September 2021. To place an order, Whatsapp the number below.


RM30 - 35 (per piece)
Mini White Lotus Paste
RM17 (per piece)
Moet & Chandon Champagne Mini Ping Pei
RM19 (per piece)
Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne Mini Ping Pei
RM23 (per piece)
Cream Cheese with Port Wine Mini Ping Pei
RM21 (per piece)

13 /26

Shanghai Restaurant at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur

Shanghai presents a curated selection of traditional to sweet favourites on its menu this year. Expect the signature Shanghainese Crispy White Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Yolk to familiar favourites of Baked White Lotus, Baked Pandan Paste with Salted Egg Yolk, and more. Dedicated to all dessert lovers, have a bite of the Baked Tiramisu Paste with Salted Egg Yolk as a sweet finisher to any mooncake feast.

Available from 8 August till 21 September 2021. To place an order, WhatsApp the number below or WECHAT @ShanghaiJWMKL

RM33 (per piece)

14 /26

Concorde Kuala Lumpur

If you’re searching for a gift that doubles as a jewellery box, check out Concorde Hotel’s Mid-Autumn blooms. Packed in an elegant box, coupled with an array of traditional selections, consider adding the signature Musang King Durian Snow Skin in the mix. With two colours to choose from, your loved ones are going to adore the sweet surprise.

Pre-order yours now till the promotion ends on 21 September 2021. For orders, call/WhatsApp the number below or email to fbkl@concorde.net

Jewellery Box
RM118 nett (four pieces)
Snowskin with Musang King Durian
RM158 nett (four pieces)

15 /26

The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Westin KL introduces the Celestial Moon for this year’s celebration. With flavours from Creamy Milk Tea and Chocolate to Golden Emerald, and beyond, you’re spoiled with choices. This premium (halal-certified) box, based on the moon rabbit travelling through its celestial palace, is a delightful catch. Take a closer look and you’ll spot intricate illustrations with their quilted layered effects. This works perfectly as decor or a light travelling case after too.

For more details, contact Westin Dining at the number below, or Whatsapp +60123051715, and email westindining@westin.com


Premium box
RM188 (four pieces)

16 /26

Oh Cha Matcha

Embarking on a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun stuff when mid-autumn arrives. The purveyor of healthy foods is creating a delectable selection of vegan-friendly snow skin mooncakes for your consideration. Available in Matcha Mung Bean (Matcha Snowskin and Beetroot Snowskin), Hojicha Mung Bean (Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin) and Genmaicha Mung Bean (Blue Spirulina Snowskin), they are unsurprisingly low-gluten and handmade using plant-based, natural stevia as sweeteners, in favour of artificial syrup and sugar.

You can pre-order the mooncakes now at this link and it is only available at the TTDI store

OCMC Snow Skin Mooncake

17 /26

Tai Thong x Signature Market

An institution in Malaysia’s Chinese restaurant scene, Tai Thong, is partnering with the purveyor of healthy food, Signature Market, for a mooncake bundle that will bring smiles to your loved ones. The gift set, which apart from 2 units of Signature Reunion mooncake boxes, has a range of delicious tidbits, including golden delight pineapple cakes, multiflora raw honey, premium mountain snow chrysanthemums, mini sun-dried apricots, roasted pistachios, organic roasted chestnuts, ryokucha dark choc butter cookies and seaweed crisps.

Available from August 1 on www.signaturemarket.co/my


This year, Four Points by Sheraton KL, Chinatown is paying homage to its heritage with the classics to be shared with your loved ones. Designed in collaboration with Malaysia’s renowned mosaic artist Alice Chang from Lai Lai Art, your delectable treats are encased in a beautiful multi-functional jewellery box in the (soon-to-be-opened) Lady Yi’s Tea House signature jade colour. The gift set comes in four classic flavours to indulge in from White Lotus Seed with Single Yolk, Red Bean, Green Tea and Durian.

Order can be placed from now till 26 September 2021. For orders or enquiries, please call or WhatsApp at +60125073327.

RM32 per piece
Limited-edition mooncake gift box
RM148 per box

Dorsett Grand Subang is delivering the best selections hand-curated by Master Chef Chan of The Emperor Chinese Restaurant. With appetising selections from the award-winning Musang King Durian Crystal Skin, Mango Lotus with Custard and the signature Dorsett Blue – of White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk wrapped with organic blue pea flower – mooncakes, it’s a sweet dilemma. To elevate the art of gifting, your Crystal Skin mooncakes are delivered in a Eski bag, while the traditional baked treats come in a box (with four pieces) that can be repurposed as a lantern – how cool is that?

Email bookfnb.subang@dorsetthotels.com or WhatsApp:  +60 16 2011 248 to make your orders.

RM30 - 53 per piece

RUYI, the muslim-friendly Chinese cuisine restaurant under The Oriental Group is inviting Malaysians to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with a slew of baked and snowskin mooncakes. It is all about the classics this year as they bring back the award-winning White Lotus Paste & Single Egg Yolk Snow Skin, as well as the Teochew and Shanghainese style baked Single Egg Yolk Yam Paste mooncakes. If you’re a fan of durian, there’s also the Premium Durian White Lotus Snow Skin mooncakes up for grabs. On top of that, there are also four new flavours added to the range including Ying Yang Red Bean Snow Skin, Custard Jade Snow Skin, Black Sesame & White Lotus Paste Snow Skin and Custard Durian Snow Skin. While these mooncakes will be available until 21st September 2021, customers can enjoy 20% discount for purchase before 15th August 2021.

RM16 - 40 per piece

A personification of cuteness. The Unbox Moonlight Series is making mooncake gifting looking cool with three distinctive box sets. Offered in Over the Moon, which comes in the shape of tiffin carriers; Moon Bright Bright, which houses a 2-tiered rattan basket within a vibrant paper box; and Moon Picker, which is reminiscent of a plucking basket, all of them can be personalised with name tags and messages. Where’s the mooncake from, you wonder? It is supplied by Fai Fong Bakery, with classic flavours such as red bean paste, pandan lotus paste and white lotus paste, with or without yolks.

From RM128

Are you ready for an interstellar experience? If chocolates and outer space tickle your fancy, then you’re going to love what Valen’s Patisserie has to offer this year. The ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ mooncakes are presented in a limited-edition box of four chocolate – Matcha Raspberry, Yuzu Genmaicha, Chocolate Coffee and Hazelnut Praline – mooncake delights to resemble each planet. If you take a closer look, the box features modern illustrations of the Jade Bunny in space, inspired by space missions and exploration of the moon  – how adorable is that?

RM98 per box

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur’s signature bakery café joins the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Bijoux Clair de Lune (Moonlight Jewel) exquisite dessert mooncakes specially curated by Executive Pastry Chef Fodil Baghal. Inspired by the legendary tale of the moon goddess and Bake’s unique marble interior design, the box is paired with premium chocolate mooncakes with a unique French touch made from Belgian chocolate. The 6 unique flavours are Coffee Caramel Walnut, Raspberry Lychee Rose, Green Tea Red Bean, White Chocolate Mix Nuts, Mango Durian Cheese and Lotus Paste.


24 /26

Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Jade Pavilion presents an array of authentic mooncakes with an all new Imperial Garden Treasure box. Doubling as a jewellery box inspired by the Imperial garden retreats, the box can house up to four of six signature mooncake types. They are the ever popular White Lotus Paste with single egg yolk, Pandan Lotus Paste with single egg yolk and Red Bean Paste; followed by other delectable flavours such as Sweet Corn Lotus paste, Yam Lotus paste and the classic Lotus Paste which will surely tantalise your taste buds.

Order through WhatsApp at +6017 206 8805


Get your sweet tooth fix with this 3-in-1 mooncake by one of the best ice-cream parlours in town. Not only you receive a snow-skin mooncake, you also get an ice cream filling and a generous splash of booze for the much-needed kick. Each box comes with a pair of flavours, a premium gold metal cutlery set and a reusable cooler bag. Which flavours you wonder? The Eclipse features rum and raisin, while the Full Moon is laced with Baileys brownies.

Written by staff writer


Limited edition? Yes please. Whisky infused? Double yes. Scotch single malt distillery The Glenlivet teams up with Kampung Contemporary Dining for a Mid-Autumn cross-over. The result is a set of mooncakes of varying flavours and exquisite whisky of different age statements. The flavour of the mooncake is attuned to be complementary to the whisky such as White Chocolate with The Founder’s Reserve, Mixed Fruits with The Glenlivet 12 Years Old, Valrhona Choco with The Glenlivet 15 Years Old, and Gula Melaka and Pandan with The Glenlivet 18 Years Old.

PM to enquire about prices.

Written by staff writer

Your guide to the best mooncakes in KL for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

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