South Korea has become one of the most travelled countries in the recent years. With the recent implementation of the travel visa waived for Malaysians, there will definitely be more Malaysians travelling up south to visit the land of K-everything. And why not, Seoul is fun, exciting, scenic, and rich in both traditional and modern culture.

And what’s a trip to Korea without experiencing their local cuisine? The choices are endless and each dish is unique. With South Korea becoming a popular travel destination for both Muslims and non-Muslims — eateries are definitely not lacking. Yet locating the best halal restaurants in Seoul is a challenge for both Muslim tourists and expats.

But not all K-hope is lost, as The Korea Tourism Organisation (KTA) and restaurants owners alike are pushing themselves to be a more Muslim-friendly country. This can be seen with the number of restaurants that received official halal certification from the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).

If you’re planning to travel to Seoul, Korea, we hope this list of best halal restaurants in Seoul will come in handy. Here you’ll find an extensive list of restaurants that serve both Korean and international cuisine to kick off your food adventure in Seoul, Korea.