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This June 25th 2020 we’ll be celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival quietly — while feasting on some rice dumplings, which can be found in KL.

While we don’t necessarily celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival grandly in Malaysia as they do in China, the matriarchs in our families definitely make it a point to cook up glutinous rice dumplings for the occasion. These handmade dishes intricately wrapped in lotus leaves and string are a labour of love that takes a whole day or two to make, and years to perfect. Yet, it’s a dying art that not many of the younger generation are willing to partake in.

But why not have the best of both worlds? If you know someone who still makes these rice dumplings by hand, make the effort to learn it from them to preserve this tradition. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also offload the burden of them making it by buying one of these gourmet rice dumplings in KL. It’s a win-win situation.

So, how will you be celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival this year?

(Featured & hero image credit: Unsplash/ Mae Mu)

Li Yen, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

This Dragon Boat Festival, Li Yen, the Chinese restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur will be dishing out gourmet glutinous rice dumplings that are available for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway.

Li Yen specialises in Cantonese-style dumplings, and the selection this year will include the savoury Duck & Chestnut Glutinous Rice Dumpling and the sweet option of Lotus or Red Bean Paste Glutinous Rice Dumplings. The former has duck meat, dried scallops, salted egg yolk and chestnut.

To order or make a reservation, call or Whatsapp the number on the right.

Shanghai, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

First, we had Cantonese-style dumplings — how about Shanghainese-style dumplings next? There is a sweet and savoury version each at Shanghai in JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The savoury version is a Spanish Pork and Salted Egg Yolk Glutinous Rice Dumpling that is filled with Spanish pork, salted egg yolk, and chestnut. Meanwhile, the sweet version is the Sweet Osmanthus and Five-Bean Glutinous Rice Dumpling that has a variety of colourful beans filled with sweet bean paste and served with a side of Osmanthus-flavoured syrup.

The dumplings are available for dine-in, home delivery and takeaway service too. To order or make a reservation, call or Whatsapp the number on the right.

Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Lai Po Heen in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is giving you a whopping five options to choose from. First is the Steamed Supreme Sea Treasures and Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling that has abalone, dried scallop, dried shrimp, chestnut, fresh lotus seed, mushroom, salted egg yolk, green bean, and chicken. There’s also the Mushroom Unagi Glutinous Rice Dumpling that has chestnut and X.O sauce, as well as the Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Cheek and Heritage Traditional Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling that has chicken, dry winter melon, shallot, mushroom, and garlic. Finally, there’s a vegetarian option (RM38) with an assortment of beetroot, sengkuang (sweet turnip), bamboo pith, carrot, snow fungus, and fresh mushrooms.

To make a reservation at Lai Po Heen for this, call the number on the right.

Shang Palace, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Shang Palace is also partaking in the Dragon Boat festivities with a selection of glutinous rice dumplings. There’s the Sweetened Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste and Walnuts, Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Salted Chicken, Egg and Preserved Vegetables and Hong Kong Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Abalone, Assorted Nuts and Supreme Spicy Sauce. All of these are available for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway.

To order, click on the link on the right.

Tao Chinese Cuisine, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

This year, Tao Chinese Cuisine in InterContinental Kuala Lumpur will be serving up two kinds of glutinous rice dumplings in honour of the Dragon Boat Festival. First is the Brown Rice Glutinous Dumpling with Morel Mushroom and Abalone, and the second is a Spicy Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Shrimp and Diced Chicken. The dumplings are available for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. However, do note that an advanced reservation is needed for delivery and takeaway orders.

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