Could Selena Gomez be the next Ina Garten or Nigella Lawson?

Everyone is a cook, really. And if you don’t find that true, watching Selena Gomez making countless disasters in her beautifully-dubbed kitchen — yet still coming up with mouth-walloping dishes — will prove that statement true.

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Apart from settling into a new house, taking guitar lessons, and writing songs, Selena Gomez spent her time whilst being hunkered in her home harvesting and nurturing her hidden culinary talent. But not only did the lockdown cooking craze turn her into a zealous home cook, it has also turned the former Disney actress and singer into a cooking show host of the new HBO Max series, Selena + Chef.

Selena Gomez
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For the first time ever, the pop singer will be starring in her own food shows along with ten master chefs who will virtually teach the star-studded figure and audience at home tips and tricks on how to create stunning and scrumptious food at home through this cooking class 101.

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From the perfect omelette, spicy miso ramen, and Korean breakfast taco to Hawaiian doughnuts and cheese soufflé, Selena + Chef is a multi-cuisine cook-along with a strongly unpretentious and unapologetic feel, much like the good old Julia Child but with a more modern edge and a bunch of celeb guest chefs, spanning Nancy Silverton, Roy Choi, Angelo Sosa, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Ludo Lefebvre, Nyesha Arrington, and Tanya Holland.

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As Selena Gomez fixes up meals as instructed through the virtual class with culinary experts, fans and foodies will also get deeper with the singer alongside learning foolproof classic recipes which should also soon be the classics in your kitchen. With the mistakes and success, all included in the uncut shots, the show is Selena’s personal journey to prove that even terrible cooks, as many would believe about themselves, can whip up drool-inducing meals and throw a fabulous feast at home.

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