If you’re in a rush and need to get back to work after a quick workout, here’s what you can order for yourself to easily snack on once you’ve reached your daily sweat goals.

Our lives may be all about creating to-do lists and adhering to a schedule — but have you planned out what’s best for you when it comes to meals and drinks? Whether you’re a fitness junkie or looking for ways to fuel your body the right way, here is a list of places to order from to fuel your body after a long day. These spots each have its own specialities to boost your immune system, repair your body after a workout, or simply to make your bellies happy.

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Coffeeboy Club

You can never go wrong with iced coffee to have in hand and Coffeeboy Club has a lot to offer with their tasty varieties. It’s been said that coffee does repair your muscle after a session while giving you that extra boost of energy in the morning before you start too. From gula Melaka latte, oat latte, ice-cold americano, soy chai latte and more, you’re spoiled with choices to fire up your body – head over to their Instagram and order yours today.

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Shake Smoothie Bar

Smoothie lovers, you’re in for a treat. If you were a regular at Tribe boxing studio, we’re sure you’re familiar with Shake Smoothie Bar. But did you know that they offer delivery services during the MCO period? Yes, you can either pre-order or order on the same day for some tasty smoothies or bowls. Whether you’re having a hectic day or just need healthy yet delicious snacks to feast, best believe that it’ll be worth it. Our favourites are the Coco-nuts About Matcha, Green Machine and Berried Alive bowl.

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Here’s a one-way ticket to everything matcha: Hejau is the newest cafe on the block to look out for. Known to reduce inflammation and aid weight loss by boosting metabolism, you can never resist saying no to a cup of matcha. Take a glimpse of the Instagram page and you’ll understand why it’s currently the most talked-about spot based on its look and feel. If you’re planning to head over or order for delivery, try the matcha iced tea or matcha latte. For a fusion touch, the matcha & tebu and matcha, kedondong and asam boi are worth to try. For a cheeky treat, the matcha polo buns should be on your list too.

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Nut butter balls by Pantry by Erina

In a rush to make it for your next Zoom call? Order yourself these quick and easy nut butter snacks from Pantry by Erina to fill your belly before your main course. Made out of almonds, 100% peanut butter, raw honey and unsweetened cocoa, you should be glad that there are no added sugar or preservatives added in these healthy snacks. Choose between black sesame, coconut or pineapple for flavours and if it tickles your fancy, these should do the trick to fuel you up.

(Image credit: Pantry By Erina)

Wild Kombucha

Kombucha has various benefits to boost your body by being a source of probiotics, good for digestion, contains antioxidants and more. Wild Kombucha is one of the many local brands here in Malaysia to supply delicious kombucha to meet your needs, and if you’re curious to try, here’s what you can order: apple aid, lavender lemonade and peach blossoms. Each flavour has different benefits, so it’s best if you head over to the website to read up on what’s good for your body before purchasing.

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Kintry Granola

Who doesn’t love a hearty bowl of granola to have on your busiest days? Kintry Granolas products vary from your local favourites of pandan gula Melaka to sweetness galore of salted butter caramel granola and chocolate hazelnut granola. You can have it with yoghurt, milk or even as toppings with ice cream. An easy prep would be by making your overnight oats with your desired toppings – time to get creative.

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Amazin' Graze

You may be familiar with Amazin’ Graze’s granolas but have you tried their goodness bowls of delicious oats to enjoy? So far there are three to pick from apple cinnamon, chocolate banana and pink berry that are made from natural ingredients, no refined sugar and packed with superfoods. It’s so easy to prepare when all you have to do is microwave it with milk, prep the night before as overnight oats and soak in hot water. Lastly, add your toppings of choice and you’re good to go.

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Elivon Naturals

Elivon Natural is an excellent way to kickstart your day with every gulp. From the rainbow wellness shots to cold-pressed juices and the signature product, golden goodness paste (spiced roots) to sustain and boost your immune system. Not only are they tasty but enough to regain back the energy you’ve built from your workouts but are also great to consider to invest as a part of your daily lifestyle.

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