Get your seafood supply fresh and fast without even leaving your home.

With wet markets becoming a rather high-risk place to visit during this period of time, it gets harder for you to get fresh ingredients like vegetables, meats, fish and all kinds of seafood. Some of you even avoid unnecessary visits to the grocery store, opting to order everything online. But when it comes to seafood, it’s quite hard to be sure of its freshness.

If you’re at the market, you might be prodding the fish, check for firmness and maybe sniff to ensure there’s no funky smell. You’d also notice customers pry open the flaps to check the colour of the gills. Some wouldn’t even mind the store-bought frozen ones that are already processed but if you can enjoy the freshest catch of the day delivered right to your doorstep, why not?

Fresh from the sea, most of these seafood and whole fish go through a quick-freezing process and are vacuum-packed to maintain its freshness. Depending on where these seafood delivery services come from, you can rest assured that everything is sealed and sent out daily to ensure that its content remains in good condition when these boxes reach you.

So if you struggle to pick up the freshest seafood from your neighbourhood grocer, let the experts do it for you.

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Sea Fresh

Customers enjoy the variety offered at Sea Fresh. From crustaceans to fresh fish, your orders are nicely cleaned, packed and ready to cook. If it’s your first time buying from them, opt for the ‘Catch of the Day’ box that’s loaded with a combination of fish, prawn and crab from its daily haul. Sea Fresh also delivers to states outside Klang Valley, so you can share the love with your family and friends back home.

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The Finest Catch

During MCO, it’s easy to lose track of your calorie count. If you’re planning to get back on track with your usual fitness regime, you can add the Norwegian salmon or fjord trout to your prep meals — each perfectly portioned for your daily food intake. Indulge also in its marinated eel (restaurant-quality unagi) that’s perfect with a bowl of fluffy white rice.

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Men in Fish

The brothers behind Men in Fish can really humour you with their live streams on Facebook while doing realtime auctions for the catches of the day. But you can be rest assured that all of its seafood and byproducts from Sekinchan like yong tau foo are guaranteed fresh. Whether you’re having a hotpot at home or simply for daily consumption, tune in to their live auctions to bid for the best deals in town.

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Fish For It

Docked in Sungai Besar, Selangor, you can now enjoy fresh wild-caught seafood from Malaysian waters brought to you by Fish For It. All of its catches are flash frozen within a vacuum-sealed packaging and reaches you from the dock within 48 hours. With over 40 types of seafood to choose from, you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best ones for your next home cooked meal. The muscles behind Fish For It also shares the best ways to cook the different fish types too.

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HNK Seafood

This family-run business is based in Kota Damansara and has been running since 1965. As one of the most established suppliers in town, HNK Seafood offers freshness from the ocean and also swift deliveries. Whether it’s the whole fish or steak cuts, squid or shellfish, you can get your weekly supply from them. If you’re a first-time customer, look out for its promotional combo sets that are truly worth every penny.

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Chong U Long (CUL) Fishery

From premium codfish to the meaty white trevally and mackerel, CUL Fishery offers a good variety of fishes and seafood to get you cooking up a storm at home. We’d recommend the pomfrets here that are mostly large in size, and extremely fresh. Steam with garlic, ginger and soy sauce or enjoy its natural sweetness by deep-frying it.

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