When one talks about cheese, it is instantly related to imported premium food that fetches a high price. The idea of eating cheese isn’t something that is common in our local cuisine in Malaysia. It is not until recently when Milky Whey made headlines as the first local cheese maker to produce high-quality cheeses using locally sourced milk. And we’re not talking just about the usual cheddar and feta – Milky Whey also produces sharp parmesan as well as blue cheese variants to cater to the growing demand in gourmet cheeses.

My Plant Deli is also another local food artisan that focuses on purveying vegan cheeses. These non-dairy cheeses are perfect for those who have dietary restrictions and for those who are trying to keep up with a healthy diet.

If a cheese platter with crackers, pate, nuts and berries sounds like an indulgent treat for you (over wine of course), you want to be looking for the finest gourmet cheese to make the calories worthwhile. From brie to camembert, Stichelton to Manchego, here are five fromageries in Kuala Lumpur to find your preferred cheeses for grazing, baking or cooking. (Featured image: Pexels)