When one talks about cheese, it is instantly related to imported premium food that fetches a high price. The idea of eating cheese isn’t something that is common in our local cuisine in Malaysia. It is not until recently when Milky Whey made headlines as the first local cheese maker to produce high-quality cheeses using locally sourced milk. And we’re not talking just about the usual cheddar and feta – Milky Whey also produces sharp parmesan as well as blue cheese variants to cater to the growing demand in gourmet cheeses.

My Plant Deli is also another local food artisan that focuses on purveying vegan cheeses. These non-dairy cheeses are perfect for those who have dietary restrictions and for those who are trying to keep up with a healthy diet.

If a cheese platter with crackers, pate, nuts and berries sounds like an indulgent treat for you (over wine of course), you want to be looking for the finest gourmet cheese to make the calories worthwhile. From brie to camembert, Stichelton to Manchego, here are five fromageries in Kuala Lumpur to find your preferred cheeses for grazing, baking or cooking. (Featured image: Pexels)

Bottega Mediterranea

The family-owned business started in 2011 with a singular focus on importing the freshest products from all over the Italian peninsula including balsamic vinegar, white and black truffles, pasta, as well as fresh and aged cheeses. The shop now comes with an Italian deli in Bukit Bintang, serving morning coffee, wine as well as charcuterie and cheese board platters. Find interesting cheeses including the 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano and the creamy Asiago. You can also get your cheeses delivered to your doorstep.

Milky Whey

Local cheese purveyor Milky Whey has been making waves with its unique cheeses that incorporate local ingredients like Sarawak black pepper. Founder of Milky Whey, Annisa Iwan sources the milk from local farms and makes the products from her humble home. She also has a penchant to smoke a lot of its cheeses, creating an interesting flavour profile to its range of products. She now supplies to selected hotel restaurants including Curate at Four Seasons KL and Flock at W Kuala Lumpur. But if you want to get your hands on these amazing cheeses, you can get everything from gouda to blue cheese from her home-based store in Sri Hartamas.

Wholly Cheese, Atlas Gourmet Market

Unbeknownst to many and hidden on the lower ground floor of Four Seasons Shoppes is Wholly Cheese, the biggest cheese room in Kuala Lumpur. There are over 40 varieties of cheese in all shapes and sizes, imported directly from Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy and UK. If you fancy a cheese board at the premise, grab some of the finest cured meats and Iberico jamon from the charcuterie, as well as a bottle of wine recommended by the house sommelier to go with your cheeses.

Oliver Gourmet

Oliver Gourmet is an independent retail hive in Tropicana City Mall and The Mines Malaysia. Oliver Gourmet offers high quality and unique cheese with a good variety including fresh cheeses, semi-soft cheeses, surface-ripened cheese and wash-rind cheeses. If you’re planning a party, it is a great place to find interesting cheeses for the most enticing platter, meat cuts for barbecues and grills, as well as fresh seafood.

My Plant Deli

The small family run business based in Setia Alam focuses on vegan cheeses. Vegan cheese is difficult to find in Malaysia, and My Plant Deli is one of the very few places that carry vegan products, which include vegetarian meats, deli slices and sausages as well. Whether it is a vegan smoked gouda or vegan cream cheese, these non-dairy cheeses are perfect for those with lactose intolerance. It is a byproduct of soy but vegan cheese slices, melts, grates and even stretches the same way like normal cheese.

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