Let’s face the truth — we import too much. The worshipping of imported ingredients and foodstuff has become extremely prevalent in today’s market, so much so that we have forgotten what’s growing in our own backyards. The resurgence of Modern Malaysian Cuisine has a lot to prove in terms of the promising potential of our local cuisine and produce that’s yet to be fully harnessed.

And when we are talking about premium food like caviar and cheeses, it is easy for us to divert our attention to the best from the west. Little did we know, small batch food artisans in Malaysia have already been ‘brewing’ something in their kitchens and coming out with something even better than the ones purveyed from gastronomic countries like France, Italy and Australia.

Take T.lur Caviar for instance, which started out as a sturgeon farm in Perak that supplies fishes to Chinese restaurants before realising the potential of harvesting and producing tropical sturgeon caviar. Even food experts and local chefs vouch that the ones produced in Malaysia rival imported caviar from Russia and the Persian region.

In conjunction with National Day, let us take a look at some of the most promising local food artisans who are championing locavorism in Malaysia and hopefully, putting the country in the world map one day.