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These artisanal mooncakes are perfect as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year with the ritual of gifting — and we have the perfect artisanal mooncakes to get you started.

And just like that, we are celebrating another round of a ‘lockdown’ Mid-Autumn Festival. And we feel you — it is not the same without the gatherings, lighting up lanterns, and cutting mooncakes while gazing at the full moon.

This year, celebrations would most likely be virtual or confined within close members of the family. And if you don’t want to have anyone feeling left out, keep the celebrations going by sending mooncakes to your family, friends and loved ones. These creative and artisanal, handcrafted mooncakes are perfect for the occasion and make a pretty gift to put a smile on their faces.

If you’re looking for traditional varieties, check out also our ultimate guide to mooncakes in KL this year.

But if you’re on a lookout for something cute, creative and Instagram-worthy, we’ve put together a list of artisanal mooncakes that are perfect as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.

P/S: Let us know if we’ve missed out something, we’ll be happy to add them in because #KitaJagaKita! Happy Mooncake Festival!

(Featured image: Daun & Petals / Hero image: Yum.Cha)


You can always expect the most creative of creations from Crème De La Crème (CDLC). Following its recent kueh-inspired ice cream creations to the realistic tropical-themed coconut in collaboration with Nespresso, the CDLC team is back with ice cream mooncakes that narrate the legend of the Mid Autumn Festival. Inspired by the characters in the fable, the flavours include Hou Yi the Archer, Chang E’s Fan, Lotus Flower, and the famous Jade Rabbit. A must-try in the quartet would be Chang E’s Fan, consisting of salted egg yolk ice cream with lotus seeds, salted egg yolk bits and white chocolate dip. The artisanal mooncakes come in a set of four, and are perfect for your sweet tooth friends. 

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In conjunction with Mid Autumn Festival, Malaysian streetwear label TNTCO is collaborating with Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam to bring you two mooncakes celebrating kopitiam flavours and a series of limited edition t-shirts. There are two varieties namely the Traditional Baked Skin Hainam Cham White Lotus and Hainam Cham Momoyama Skin White Lotus Moon Light. While you’re at it, check out the three limited-edition t-shirts from this collaboration — Breakfast Tee, Yumcha Tee and Bonsai Tee.

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Clovy’s snow skin mooncakes are handmade with a soft and chewy texture, and comes in a stylish box fit for Instagram. Shaped in bunny and rose moulds, there are four specially curated flavours including Pandan Earl Grey, Purple Potato and Taro Puree with Lotus Paste, Honey Honeydew Melon Bird’s Nest, and Matcha Rose. All of the ingredients are natural and meticulously handpicked to ensure a perfect blend in every bite. Best to be eaten chilled, the mooncakes are great to pair with hot tea.

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The Bakebe 8’ Treasure Mooncake Box comes with eight pieces of hand-crafted traditional-style mooncakes in pretty pastel swirls. There are four flavours — Honey Gui Hua (Osmanthus), White Lotus, Pandan, and Green Tea — and they all come with a salted egg yolk centre. Bakebe also has the snow skin version in the same flavours as well.

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Starbucks has collaborated with local designer Christy Ng to present artfully designed mooncake sets for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The exclusive sets feature intricately designed mini tote bags that draw inspiration from the legendary folklore with a modern-day twist. It comes in two royal colours namely Midnight Blue (limited edition) and Burgundy Red. You can also customise your name on the bag for a touch of personalisation. For the mooncakes, there are four joyous flavours to savour. Starbucks has put together the flavours of its signature ‘Caramel Macchiato’ into one of the quartet, alongside the Matcha Adzuki Mooncake, Lotus Salted Egg Mooncake, and Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Mooncake. The artisanal Caramel Macchiato mooncake is the ultimate highlight, encrusted with coffee lotus and soft caramel lava filling to top up the scrumptious experience. And we recommend having it with a hot cup of Caramel Macchiato for extra kick!

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For something extra, Platter People is offering a 6.5-inch mooncake called The Great Dragon & Phoenix Mooncake that represents the yin-yang symbol. The mooncake carries the a positive message that goes with a Chinese saying, “When the dragon soars and the phoenix dances, the people will enjoy happiness for years, bringing peace and tranquility to all under heaven.” The flavour? Salted egg custard lava — a unique rendition that is balanced with traditional lotus paste.

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Perfect for your boozy friends, Willow Kuala Lumpur is offering a box of assorted mooncakes inspired by seasonal flavours and signature cocktails. There are four flavours up for grabs, including Negroni, Fruit Punch, Honey Truffle and Strawberry Mochi. These snow skin mooncakes are handcrafted, and come in beautiful floral leitmotifs like the box itself. Don’t forget to check out its limited edition Musang King mooncakes as well.

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If you have friends who love a grazing platter, why not add mooncakes into the mix with Keju by Carmen’s latest Midnight Moon creation. The platter comprises a selection of fresh berries and stone fruits, nuts and brie, with a side of three Momoyama Rose Mooncakes in the shape of Chinese lanterns. The platter comes in a sleek black box, with a special paper cut-out depicting the love story between Hou Yi and Chang-er.

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Yum.Cha offers a quartet of matcha mooncakes shaped in a beautiful goldfish (Kingyu), with unique flavours including Niko Houjicha Cranberry (Houjicha snowskin filled with smokey seaweed aroma of Houjicha paste with cranberry), and Niko Genmaicha Goma (nutty Genmaicha snowskin with roasted Suisen sesame). The recipe has lower sugar content and made using Niko Neko matcha, leaving delectable umami notes with nutty and bitter nuances of matcha. They have also launched two variants of the purple sweet potato mooncakes — Ube Yuri Matcha (purple potato skin with matcha filling) and Ube Yama.Imo (purple potato skin with organic premium yam filling). The mooncakes are packaged in a square wooden box with Japanese Furoshiki wrapping for an artistic touch — a perfect gift for the Mid Autumn Festival.

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This Mid Autumn Festival, the flower fairies at Daun&Petals are back with the Moon Box comprising six handcrafted snow skin mooncakes flavours — Earl Grey Lotus, Dark Chocolate Lava, Rose Lychee, Matcha Salted Egg Lava, Chia Seeds Pandan, and Black Sesame. The mooncakes are 100% handmade by mooncake artisan Goh Kean who has been hand-making mooncake in small batches for more than half a century. Always supporting local businesses, Daun&Petals lends their creative touch with a beautiful gift-worthy offering that’s not to be missed.

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Skillet 2021 Mooncake Collection, named ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, is more than just mooncakes. This year, Chef Raymond Tham and his team are flexing their creative arms by creating five artisanal creations that feature unconventional flavours including red dates and cranberries, as well as corn and flaxseed. While we truly enjoyed the yellow one (corn paste with flaxseed and single yolk), we cannot help but reminisce the unforgettable flavours of Hennessy VSOP with St. Domingue Single Origin Chocolate — creamy and velvety, with a kick to the palate. That’s not all, these mooncakes are hand-brushed with edible gold paint for a luxurious finish. All mooncake sets also come with two artisanal preserves including the Tangy Orange Marmalade and Dolce De Leche. 

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Calling all durian lovers! Durian Hill infamous Musang King Mooncake is back with a new snow skin recipe and an even classier design. There are two varieties this year, including the Joy series in pink and the Moonlite series in black. Joy comes in a box of six, with a yellow snow skin and a sweet, creamy durian filling. Moonlite comes in a box of eight, featuring a charcoal snow skin with bitter-sweet nuances of the Musang King — perfect for any durian snobs out there.

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