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The wagyu katsu sando is a worthy splurge, and here is where you can find the best in both KL and PJ.

Japan does just about everything better than the rest of the world. Whether it be transportation, travel, or even food for that matter, it’s safe to say that Japan comes out on top. Even for something as simple as a meat cutlet sandwich, Japan has managed to turn it into a true delicacy. Of course, it comes with a little help from one of its most popular exports — wagyu.

Known as one of the best cuts out there, wagyu beef is highly sought after the world over. Given that its steaks are usually highly pricey, you can now find the equivalent for sandwiches with the wagyu katsu sando, which literally translates to wagyu cutlet sandwich.

What’s great about wagyu katsu sando is that it’s readily available around the Klang Valley as we speak. Given our love for Japanese food, it was only a matter of time before it reaches our shores. With that said, here’s where you can find the best wagyu katsu sando around KL and PJ.

(Featured image: Wagyu Mafia ; Hero image: NoRecipes.com)

Sushi Ryu
Sushi Ryu

Sushi Ryu is one of the latest fine-dining Japanese establishments in KL but it already has a devoted following. Located within Platinum Park KL, Sushi Ryu offers an omakase experience like no other with its fresh and seasonal produce flying in directly from Japan. But aside from that, Sushi Ryu is also known for its wagyu katsu sando, cubed and breaded wagyu beef sandwiches in bite-sized portions.

(Image credit: Instagram/@sushiryu.kl)


Another popular, modern-day Japanese fine-dining restaurant is Kikubari, known for its progressiveness when it comes to Japanese cuisine. It has its very own katsu sando series, which features the likes of ebi, tamago, and uni to name a few. However, it’s the wagyu katsu sando that reigns supreme. To sweeten the deal, it’s not just any Wagyu beef; Kikubari utilises MS7 Wagyu striploin to go with its house-made tangy tomato ‘LP’ sauce.

(Image credit: Instagram/@hazelwjj)

Ushi KL
Ushi KL

Ushi KL is one of the latest up-and-comers in the game and its doing so in a very different ways — Ozaki Wagyu beef. Of course, Ushi KL offers more than just that but you do not want to miss out on its Ozaki Wagyu katsu sando. Tuck in to the highly marbled A5 Wagyu on toasted Japanese milk bread and topped off with its special blueberry sauce.

(Image credit: Instagram/@ushi.kl)


Beast by BIG is a popular steakhouse in KL. While it has a varied menu featuring steaks of different cuts and such, it’s the wagyu katsu sando that takes the cake by far. It uses A3 Japanese Wagyu tenderloin, topped with its secret sauce, kombu salt fries, and pickles.

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Wurst Kuala Lumpur
Wurst Kuala Lumpur

Seeing as wagyu katsu sando is mainly a Japanese dish, that didn’t stop Wurst Kuala Lumpur from turning it into its own thing. Located in Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Wurst KL serves up a wide range of cuisines. The only downside is that it doesn’t operate out of a restaurant space but don’t let that stop you from sampling its latest creations. Speaking of which, come 3rd September, you can order its A4 Japanese Wagyu katsu sando at only RM29, making it the cheapest on this list.

(Image credit: Instagram/@wurst.kl)

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