The popularity of gin doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and with good reasons. It’s a versatile spirit that’s used to make most classically favourite cocktails. It’s gender fluid because it doesn’t evoke manliness like whisky does or femininity like rosé. Its breadth of flavours also means that it has more character than vodka, despite being similarly colourless and flexible. But don’t stop at just one bottle, when there are so many types of gins to try.

By now, most of us are familiar with the London Dry gin that’s frequently used in most cocktails. You’re probably familiar with New Wave gins like Hendrick’s and its cucumber-and-rose gin fame, thanks to its genius marketing. But there are more types of gins out there to try. For example, the grandfather of gin — the Genever — was one of the first few gins to exist, and actually tastes like whisky thanks to the malt used to make it. Then there’s the Old Tom gin, which is sweeter and has less of a juniper taste. It’s worth stocking up on at least one of these variants to try out different variants of classic cocktails.

After all, now that you’ve known some alternative tonic waters and basic bartending tools, the next part is building your spirit collection. Allow us to show you 10 of the most essential gin bottles you need to keep at home.