In recent years, Chinese spirits and alcohols have welcomed curiosity and fascination around the world — an interesting distraction from the country’s penchant for food safety scandals. The fiery baijiu, once China’s most notorious spirit, is now one that’s appreciated and enjoyed on the same level as fine wine. Vineyards are also on the rise as Chinese winemakers look to take advantage of ideal terroir around the country for an exceptional tipple.
While these are often hot topics when discussing China’s drinks scene (especially when astronomical prices are involved), the local craft beer community has been brewing a storm. Beijing houses the heart of the action, where both expats and locals have become obsessed with bringing the international trend to the traditional centre of China.

Beijing craft beer
(Image credit: Great Leap Brewing)

Starting out first with small operations at home, these brewers have gone on to launch bigger operations in response to local demand. Taking into consideration the lighter palettes of local drinkers and the great produce around China, local breweries have concocted fascinating answers to the usual IPAs and stouts. Results have been fruitful: many of these beers have gone on to clinch international awards. Results have been fruitful: many of these brews have gone on to clinch international awards. Thankfully, these unique creations are readily available to the masses and easy to appreciate as well.

Here’s where to grab a pint in Beijing.