Because it’s not enough to just head out for a drink now. These game bars in KL promise plenty of good fun. 

So you want to go out and have a good time – we can help you out with that. With plenty of booze as well as games that will get you and your friends hyped up, these game bars are the places you’ll want to head to. Think along the lines of beer pong, dart games, and many other drinking-related activities. 

Prep your livers, because it’s going to be a wild night out. Read on for our list of the best game bars in KL to visit for your next excursion with your friends. 

(Featured image credit: Facebook/ Bounce)

Arena Bar TTDI

You can’t mention game bars without including Arena Bar TTDI. Those heavily into beer pong will already be familiar – or even regulars – at this place. It’s large and can accommodate plenty of people, as you’ll probably find when you head there on a Friday or Saturday night. Play a round of beer pong or pool while enjoying the 360º views of the city here. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ Arena Bar TTDI)


How much different can beer pong possibly be in all these game bars? Not so different, except at Bounce you can swap the beer for champagne if you’re feeling fancy. Now, with champagne pong, you might start to take your game seriously. The bar also has a wide variety of drink options available including mocktails for those who want to slow down on the alcohol. Other games available include slap cup, darts, and pool. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ Bounce)


CTRL in Solaris Dutamas takes the regular game bar concept and brings it up a notch. This upbeat bar with no shortage of neon signage is hip, full of young people, and plenty of alcohol flowing. You’ll find that most people here are preoccupied with the fancy digital beer pong, old school arcade games, and more while shooting down shots. Come prepared. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ CTRL)


Some game bars might come off as rowdy or seedy, but not Mamacina. This here is a classy, fashionable bar where all the cool kids come to play beer pong and slap cup. The ambience is sexy – we credit the red neon lights – and the variety of drinks even better than most game bars. Beyond beer, there are spirits including gin, whisky, and even mezcal to shake up your time there. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ Mamacina)

RedTail Bar by Zouk

Here’s a bonus game bar that located just a little outside of KL – in Genting Highlands, specifically. However, we don’t recommend you to visit for just one night out – stay the night and be a responsible drinker. While you’re here, have fun with some larger-than-life games including Giant Jenga, Pong, and Shots & Ladders. It’s a whole lot of fun with drinks and a live DJ set. 

(Image credit: Zouk)

PohNee Chin
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