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Every month, we highlight all the latest bars for you to check out. This ranges from your basic everyday neighbourhood bars to the more upscale establishments. This month, we’ll be focusing on all the new bars around KL for you to check out. While there are five in total, one of these bars derives from a famous global publication, making it only the second outlet in Asia.

As with many other countries, you will be able to find a plethora of watering holes around its city centre, and KL is no different. Some of the latest locations on our list include a wine bar, a soju bar, and even an exclusive private lounge.

Be sure to scroll down to check out our full list of new bars around KL for you to visit!

Vogue Lounge KL

Named after the iconic publication of over 100 years, Vogue Lounge KL is the epitome of what Vogue magazine would be like if it was a bar and a lounge — classy, sophisticated, and chic from the moment you walk through the doors. Vogue Lounge KL is located on the 38th floor of Menara Suezcap at the KL Gateway Mall, which overlooks the entirety of Bangsar as well as neighbouring towns like PJ. Expect a glamorous and posh dining area coupled with a cocktail bar as well as a wine cave.

Wildflowers KL

These days, Petaling Street isn’t only for tourists as more and more locals have found new reasons to venture into that part of KL. This is due to the abundance of eateries and bars that have popped up over the past few years with Wildflowers KL being the latest addition. Its opened by the same people who brought us Merchant’s Lane, hence its location within the vicinity. Firstly a restaurant, it also doubles as a bar with a healthy variety of beverages and cocktails for one to choose from, all of which comes with a certain level of Asian inspiration.

Jiu KL

If you’re a fan of both soju and tuak, you’re in luck because that is exactly what Jiu KL specialises in. It becomes one of the latest bars in the long list located in Publika, which is known for being a popular go-to spot for people looking to throw back a drink or two after work. Jiu KL is still in its soft launch phase and serves up plenty of different flavours of both tuak and soju. Aside from that, it will also have its own cocktail menu coming in soon.

Puro KL

While there are plenty of wine bars already available, Puro KL does something different by getting rid of the stiffness that comes with wine bars in general. Housed within REXKL, Puro KL holds regular sessions at the event space that is open for all to come and drop by. As of right now, it is still a work in progress but be sure to check out the Instagram page to be kept up to date on the next event.

Terrasse Cafe & Bistro

Terrasse Cafe & Bistro is the only establishment that is located in the heart of PJ, making it a unique addition to this month’s list. With a well-stocked bar, Terrasse Cafe & Bistro offers plenty of homemade cocktails, some of which pack a mean punch. It also comes with a skylight roof, giving you a great view of the night sky. Terrasse Cafe & Bistro also comes with an ever-changing menu on a daily basis so be sure to head over for dinner before picking up a cocktail or two.

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