Most of us imbibers will definitely make a stop at the duty-free stores in airports to pick up a bottle or two of liquor. And if we need the occasional bottle of wine, we’d head to the supermarket to pick one up. But when it comes getting better bang for your buck — especially where more quantities are concerned — these bottle shops in KL are the best way to go.

We can think of several reasons why heading to a bottle shop is a better idea than getting your wine and spirits elsewhere. For one, the variety is bigger than what your neighbourhood supermarket offers. You’ll find wines that come from regions beyond Australia, and with a wider range of labels. As for the price? Definitely unbeatable with the ones you’ll find at the supermarket, especially if you decide to purchase more than one bottle for your little soiree. In fact, some bottle stores have an in-house sommelier that can advise you on which wines will go best with whatever dish you’re planning to serve. You can even have a taste before you decide to commit to a bottle.

If you’re looking for some liquor and spirits, there are some bottle shops that can accommodate your requests as well. Similar to having a bigger variety of wine, some bottle shops in KL carry less mainstream liquor brands, including craft spirits that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in KL.

Bottles & Bottles

One of the pros of shopping at Bottles & Bottles is that its shop is located in a convenient spot — inside Mid Valley, a bustling shopping mall where you’re likely to already be at, shopping. There are some liquors and spirits here, but wine is what Bottles & Bottles are known for. The shop has a large variety of it, as well as an expert on hand to help you out should you be undecided between a Merlot and a Shiraz.

(Picture: Facebook/ Bottles & Bottles)

Cellar Eighteen

Cellar Eighteen, an offshoot of TWE Fine Wines opened its first store in Tropicana Avenue. Now, there’s a second branch in the city centre — The LINC KL. Whether it is wines, whiskies, craft beers, and other spirits, you’ll certainly be able to find all the bottles you need for a good party. Also, you can shop online via their website.

(Picture: The LINC KL)

Mansion B Wine Boutique

Its location is a little out of the way in the middle of Leboh Ampang, but if you’re looking for a vast wine selection from regions such as Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, and other major wine-producing countries, this is the bottle shop to visit.

(Picture: Facebook/ Mansion B Wine Boutique)

Nam Lee Cheong Fine Wines

Are you alcohol shopping for a really large party, or even a wedding? Then Nam Lee Cheong is your go-to spot. It’s one of the oldest alcohol distributors in KL with wine, whiskies, champagne, cognac, and more. The shop is known to supply wine to hotels and restaurants, which means that you can definitely wrangle a good deal if you’re looking to buy in large quantities.

(Picture: Facebook/ by Nam Lee Cheong)

Single and Available

You don’t have to be single to get into this shop, as the name is actually cheekily referring to Single Malt whisky. It is precisely this variant of spirit that reigns supreme in this store, so if you’re looking for some good deals on whisky or even rare bottles, this is the shop to visit. If you’re looking for collectables to gift to someone, the shop also has bottles in special collectable packages and wooden boxes.

(Picture: Facebook/ Single and Available)

TWE Fine Wine Shop

One of the OG places to shop for wine and liquor is TWE Fine Wine Shop, also the same convenience store known to Petaling Jaya dwellers as Tong Woh. They’re one of the top five wine retailers in the country, but they were actually known for selling traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the 60s. If you’re on the lookout to score some unique wine labels, this shop will be your best bet.

(Picture: Facebook/ TWE Fine Wine Shop)

Wholly Spirits

Are you on the prowl for craft spirits and lesser-known liquor bottles that are near impossible to find in KL? Well then, Wholly Spirits will be your best bet. The craft spirits distributor finally opened its retail store this year, making sure that home bartenders get the good stuff, not just bar owners. You can find whiskies, gin, rum, cognac, agave spirits, and more in store. There’s also a bar in the shop, so don’t feel shy to ask for a taste of the liquor you have your eye on, just to really guarantee that you want it.

(Picture: Wholly Spirits)

TMC Bangsar

Only those truly in the know will appreciate what’s within this neighbourhood convenience store, even if you can’t tell from its storefront. There’s no better place to score wine bottles at a very good price, especially if you’re planning to buy in bulk.

(Picture: Facebook/ TMC Bangsar)

Wine Warehouse Malaysia

Puchong denizens, pay attention. Wine Warehouse is the place for you to go if you’re trying to purchase cheap but quality bottles of wine without leaving your neighbourhood. If you don’t want to leave your house, that’s fine too, because Wine Warehouse has online delivery available.

(Picture: Facebook/ Wine Warehouse Malaysia)

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