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A touch of luxury to your day-to-day kitchen style with De’Longhi and Kenwood

With the world at their fingertips, singer and entrepreneur Masya Masyitah; two-time World Latte Art champion Irvine Quek; and actor-cum-singer Ismail Izzani explore how they can find that ideal work-life balance with the help of Kenwood and De’Longhi.

As Gen Z-ers, it’s in their nature to keep moving forward and finding the next thing to do when one thing doesn’t work out. Over the course of the pandemic, all businesses came to a standstill, whether it’s the food business or show business. And that goes the same for the business-driven group within the Z List.

Fortunately, 21-year-old Masya Masyitah and her mother cooked up ideas on how to keep going, and literally, too — they started their own baking business in the comfort of their home. With her singing career put on the back burner, Masya decided that baking was the way to go, and before they knew it, she and her mother had made more than just cakes — they were selling biscuits, popiah, begedil (potato balls) and other snacks.

As someone who wasn’t trained professionally in baking, Masya finds that Kenwood’s Titanium Chef XL 6.7L Stand Mixer is a professional chef on its own. The original versatile ‘chef’, The Titanium Chef XL offers over 25 optional attachments to suit all your baking and culinary needs. It also comes with 10 years guaranteed on the motor, so you can keep baking with absolute confidence each time. Equipped with a high-power motor that you get to control and soft start electronics that keeps your kitchen mess-free, you can rest assured that Titanium Chef XL is here merely to assist and not to overwhelm you.

Its extra-large 6.7L mixing bowl — the Titanium Chef XL’s defining feature — offers the ideal capacity for bigger bakes or, like in Masya’s case, if you’ve decided to embark on a baking career. It also provides an in-bowl halo illumination that lets you closely watch as your ingredients combine together, so you’ll know just when to stop to get the best results. You’ll never get an unevenly mixed cake batter again!

For coffee connoisseurs Irvine Quek and Ismail Izzani, De’Longhi’s Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is their best bet. As someone who deals with coffee every single day — and learning to love it more and more as each day comes — Irvine knows his coffee like the back of his hand. Having achieved the World Latte Art champion title two years in a row, his next life goal is to educate the public about the wonders of coffee, right down to the details.

Irvine enjoys communicating with his customers through coffee. As someone who believes that a person’s coffee order says a lot about them, he’s always happy to make signature drinks that can get him to connect with customers. The Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine achieves that connection between you and the coffee this to a T, especially since it is able to make more than 20 coffee recipes at a touch. The coffee can also be customised to your personal flavour, which makes the ‘language’ of coffee much more authentic, especially for someone like Irvine who speaks to multitudes of coffee drinkers daily.

The Maestosa does more than just coffee. It can create multi-beverages that cater to all kinds of taste buds and preferences, with the exclusive MixCarafe. From a cup of creamy hot chocolate to cold frothy milk, or even a cup of deliciously refreshing coffee cream — the Maestosa can and will deliver.

Though not as skilled in coffee-making as Irvine, 21-year-old Ismail Izzani still delights in the taste of good coffee. As someone who believes he still has much to explore in this world — in regard to his music career and his personal life — Ismail notes that the process of trying new things and learning about life is an experience that is both unique and universal.

Ismail Izzani with the Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine.

A coffee lover by nature, going to new cafés is just one of the many things on Ismail’s list of trying new things. When asked if he has ever thought about making his own coffee at home, he admits that he has never tried to pursue the challenge.

“I’m not a huge coffee expert, so I’ve never really thought about making my own coffee,” the singer admits. “But I do enjoy a cup of coffee. Hopefully I can learn to make my own — a good automatic coffee machine would be best, so I can learn to make all kinds of coffee.”

As a fully automatic coffee machine with near-infinite customisability and engineered with absolute precision, the Maestosa is made for both the experts and the uninitiated. It makes sure you’re guided through the whole process from bean to cup, so you’ll be able to turn your home into a café with barista-grade coffee. And that goes the same for the business-driven group within The Z List.

The Kenwood Titanium Chef XL and the De’Longhi Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine are both available on their official websites. Visit De’Longhi Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram, as well as Kenwood Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram to learn more.