Everyone loves a good gin and tonic. Not only is it one of the easiest cocktails to make at home, it’s also the most versatile. Simply add your preferred citrus fruit and herb to shake things up. However, those are not the only ways that you can shake up your homemade gin and tonic — some alternative tonic waters may be the answer to stepping up your G&T game.

But wait, we hear you say. Can’t the regular canned tonic water from the supermarket suffice? The answer is yes and no. The regular yellow can that you so lovingly sweep into your shopping basket can make you a perfectly acceptable gin and tonic. But experimenting with other alternative tonic waters with different ingredients and flavours can help enhance the existing botanical flavours in certain gins. Some may even contain less sugar and calories, which means that you can enjoy more G&Ts minus the guilt.

While the following brands of tonic water may not be readily available in your nearest supermarket, it’s worth looking out for them the next time you’re travelling out of the country. Some of these alternative tonic waters are artisanal brands, which means they may be even more prize-worthy than your airport’s duty-free alcohol.

Ready to upgrade your gin and tonic? Scroll down for five alternative tonic water brands to stock up at home.