When it comes to drinking in the greater Kuala Lumpur area, watering holes like the Changkat Bukit Bintang area attracts short-term tourists and a merry bunch that’s just looking to have a good time with affordable alcohol. Expect it to be crowded with the masses on Fridays and weekends. A few kilometres away, you will find equally as many places to have a drink in Bangsar but with a less rowdy crowd.

It could be that Bangsar is more of an upscale residential area compared to being in the heart of the Golden Triangle, but the crowd is certainly a more matured one with infinitely better taste in music. After toiling away in the CBD, these people return to Bangsar to have a nightcap before heading back to their homes in the neighbourhood.

The best part is that there is also no shortage of restaurants in addition to places to drink in Bangsar. If you’re feeling peckish, have some good old banana leaf rice or traditional nyonya food at Shelley Yu’s, which incidentally also serves up some great cocktails. One of KL’s best wood fired pizzas can also be found in Bangsar, when you want a fancy take on the humble pizza.

However, one does not need to live in Bangsar to fully appreciate the bar scene there. Chances are, you already frequent the area. Now, let’s just point you in the right direction on where to drink in Bangsar.