There are usually two reasons why people would get a drink in KL, especially the city centre: to wait out the perpetual traffic or to have a good time partying in the city. Whatever your reasons might be, it goes without a doubt that the KL city centre has no shortage of places to get a tipple.

Bars in the KL city centre do not differ too much from the bars you can find in Bangsar. Perhaps the biggest difference is the view, as there are more bars located in high-rise buildings in the city centre. You can find a healthy mix of cocktail bars with character, as well as swanky bars where people are keen to see and be seen in. Hidden bars are still a crowd puller, with long-standing ones such as Omakase + Appreciate maintaining their popularity.

New bars are also constantly mushrooming in the Malaysian capital. It appeals to those who enjoy checking out new places, in search of the next best place to drink in KL. Saro Lounge is one such place, located in the extremely accessible Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping mall. Fu Luck Bar is also another new place that has recently opened in nightlife district TREC KL, adding one more stop to your bar hopping shenanigans on Friday nights and weekends.

So bookmark this page, because we’re going to give you a guide on where to drink in the KL city centre.