Who knew that drinking cocktails could do good for the environment?

Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur may be the best bar in Malaysia with its specially crafted cocktails, but under all the crafting is a big sustainability effort that not many may know of. Part of it is incorporating more fresh ingredients from local farmers into the drinks. Extra effort is also made by fully utilising the entire fruit despite its less-than-perfect outwards appearance. Bar Trigona initiated this sustainability effort in 2020.

A Tree Today, A Forest Tomorrow is one of the newest initiatives introduced by Bar Trigona. It’s a project that supports the transformation of Malaysian forestland, while bolstering local farming communities. “We’re focusing on mangifera and citrus species, which grow quickly and begin giving fruit within just a few years. This will encourage local wildlife to return, restoring the area’s biodiversity,” explains Head Bartender of Bar Trigona, Ashish Sharma.

Before you start putting on your boots and gloves, hold on — you don’t have to go down there and actually plant trees to support (but if you want to, you are more than welcome to). What you have to do to get involved is by simply purchasing any of the four selected cocktails at Bar Trigona. The options are Mandarin Way, Mango Overloaded, Judgement and Sunset Margarita. Every time you order one of these four (or all), RM5 from each cocktail ordered will be donated for the cause.

Contributions of RM200 and above will get a tree named after the donor. Once the tree bears fruits, donors will receive a jar of homemade mead, jam or kombucha.

That’s not all — proceeds from cocktail sales will go towards establishing new beehives. Bar Trigona has always been known for its longstanding efforts to protect local bee populations. Patrons can now adopt their own beehive at the farm with a minimum contribution of RM500. This funds the care of the hive for one whole year, and a gift of five jars with artisanal honey will be given to the donor.

The team at Bar Trigona and Ong Ning-Geng, its long time-partner and founder of Chocolate Concierge, are hoping to plant a minimum of 500 trees every year by 2022. This will not only benefit the biodiversity of the plant, the project will also be able to provide employment opportunities to local communities.

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Jolin Lee
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