The true mark of cocktail appreciation is when you decide to attempt recreating your favourite cocktails at home. So you’ve ventured into making your own gin & tonics with alternative tonic waters and you’re now feeling confident to try out more complicated cocktails. But first, you’ll need some basic bar tools.

Similar to cooking tools, these basic bar tools will form the fundamentals of creating most, if not all cocktails. There’s no use in trying to swap some of these tools for makeshift ones you have in your kitchen because these have been designed specifically for bartending — save for the hand juicer.

Just as much as you need certain tools for bartending, you don’t need to get them all. Unless, of course, you’re deciding to go pro. Stick to the fundamental six bartending tools we’ve listed below, and you’ll be on your way to creating some impressive cocktails at home. Once you’ve done some shopping, it’s time to stock up on cocktail recipes.