Having bagged a couple more awards at the 3rd Annual Berlin International Spirits Competition earlier this year, Mortlach is one whisky brand to try if you haven’t. Deemed the ‘Beast of Dufftown’ by whisky connoisseurs, it is renowned for its high-quality and luxurious malt that’s unrivalled when it comes to flavour.

After being pitted against almost 200 spirits from around the world, whisky expert judges from more than seven countries in Europe have awarded this particular single malt whisky four awards this year, three of which are for the Mortlach 18 Year Old and the Rare Old. In fact, it’s the second year in a row that the Mortlach 18 Year Old has been named 18 Year Single Malt Scotch of the Year and a Gold, while the Mortlach Single Malt Rare Old awarded a Bronze.

Mortlach 18 year old
The 18 Year Old is best enjoyed neat.

Now, let’s talk about tasting notes for both winners. The 18 Year Old reveals a complexity that reflects a fine interplay of meaty notes, candied sweetness and balanced acidity, with a subtle spiciness and hints of other fruit, which is best enjoyed neat. The Rare Old on the other hand, is versatile and great for cocktails. Its flavours are complex and bold, yet exquisitely balanced with sweetness and dryness. While nosing, you will find fruit and floral notes which progresses into a rich and creamy palate, with a magnificent finish.

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