The world’s first social lounge JIS Kuala Lumpur brings you Cheers2Cheers, its new drink delivery platform that offers a wide selection of bottle brands, crafted cocktails, alcohol-infused cakes and exciting experiential experiences.

JIS Kuala Lumpur is adapting to the new norm with the launch of its very own drink delivery platform, Cheers2Cheers. As the country’s first online community-based speciality drinks platform, one can expect more than just amazing cocktails and alcoholic drinks but unparalleled hospitality from the world’s first social lounge.

Within the platform, consumers are able to peruse a vast array of unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks options comprising over 1,000 bottle brands as well as specialty crafted cocktails and mocktails by JIS Kuala Lumpur’s very own in-house mixologist — then get them all delivered to your doorstep. When it comes to pricing, Cheers2Cheers offers the best deal in town for all of its bottles; including limited edition bottles and uncommon labels.

cocktail delivery in kl
There are a wide range of cocktails and mocktails to choose from the new Cocktail Heist and Mocktail Heist collections.

Taking your drinking game to the next level, Cheers2Cheers also features experiential drinking with a mood-curated playlist accessible through its website. Consumers will be able to select a specific mood and enjoy the playlist with their cocktail of choice. There is also a list of recommended drinks that have been curated specially for respective moods — allowing you to take cocktail appreciation beyond the five senses.

“We created Cheers2Cheers to give Malaysians a safe alternative avenue for socialising and enjoying drinks with their friends and loved ones. Despite continued strict social distancing practices, we aim to provide Malaysians with an enjoyable and memorable virtual drinking experience as they eagerly await being able to socialise in-person again,” expresses the Cheers2Cheers management team.

There is an introductory collection called the Cocktail Heist and Cocktail Heist for you to enjoy your favourite drinks, from classic to contemporary cocktails. The crafted cocktails in these two collections are inspired and named after iconic cities in the world including Berlin, Rio and Denver. If you like something refreshing, the Tokyo mocktail is a good choice championing the exotic citrus flavour of yuzu. Otherwise, try the Kuala Lumpur that is made of Kahlua, coconut cream, Monin pandan syrup and fresh milk.

Those with a sweet tooth will also delight in its selection of alcohol-infused cakes available exclusively on the Cheers2Cheers platform. The Martell VSOP Caramel Cake, for example, has a decadently rich caramel flavour with a dash of cognac for a hint of sweet intense notes. Other cake options include Bailey’s Coffee Cake, Johnny Walker Whisky Charcoal Pecan Cake, Red Wine Cake, Burnt Cheesecake, Bacardi Raisin Rum Cake, and Matcha Sake Cake. You can also pair cocktails with these cakes to elevate your drinking and dessert experience.

Beyond taking this exceptional cocktail experience and alcohol delivery to your doorstep, consumers can also access exclusive pairing sessions and events held at JIS Bar Kuala Lumpur through its website. But first, you need to set up your account on the Cheers2Cheers website to enjoy the full experience.

JIS Kuala Lumpur is located at Unit 3-01, 3rd Floor, Star Boulevard, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

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