These coffee deliveries around PJ are all about bringing a hot cuppa joe to your doorstep.

Some things really do hit different — like a good cup of coffee. Nothing tingles and satisfies the senses the more than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If you’re an aficionado, you would probably brew your own coffee at home with your own choice of beans. For many others, they see it as a quick pick-me-up to get them through the day. Seeing as we’re currently in the Controlled Movement Control Order (CMCO), going out can be a bit of a hassle now.

But with this, of course, comes the downside — local businesses that depend on their patrons will surely fade away. One way to combat this is through coffee deliveries. Today, we’ll be focusing around Petaling Jaya and all the delivery avenues for coffee that comes along with it.

This list will feature some new up-and-comers into the scene as well as some veterans and known coffee joints who you may have heard of but never fully knew.

ZUS Coffee

Starting out since December 2019, ZUS Coffee has taken over Klang Valley by storm with its affordable speciality coffee. It now has 10 locations spread across Malaysia as well as a wide variety of drinks for one to choose from. ZUS Coffee keeps its beverages exciting yet affordable; this ensures that you definitely get what you pay for, which is great value in return. Some of their specialities include the ‘ZUS Gula Melaka’ and ‘Thunder’.

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Bask Bear Coffee

Coffee has always been a physical presence — if there is a cafe, there is coffee. What Bask Bear Coffee is setting out to do and already doing so is disrupting the market with its own virtual coffee brand. Already growing far greater than anyone expected, Bask Bear Coffee now operates out of 30 virtual locations around the country. What’s great is that it brings high quality, yet affordable coffee to your doorstep. Aside from its regular coffee, Bask Bear Coffee also offers speciality drinks, tea, chocolate, matcha, and frappuccinos so there is something for everyone.

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Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia

Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia is not afraid to let people know its coffee is superior to many others. Of course, it was ranked #1 coffee in the world through the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Located at The School in Jaya One, Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia also offers delivery via GrabFood. Check out some of their best-sellers like the Ice Doi Chaang, the Pandan Latte, and the Ice Lemongrass Americano.

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The BULB COFFEE serves up great coffee at affordable prices but the real kicker, it’s a full-on delivery and catering service. It delivers coffee straight to your door if you’re working from home, making it the ideal solution for those who do not have the tools to make their own. Be sure to WhatsApp the number below to get your orders in!

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Owned by the same people who brought us Therefore comes Foremula, the older sibling that has been around the block for quite some time now. Foremula is known for its aesthetic decor to go with its food and drinks. Be sure to check out its fancy brews like the Matchapresso, the Ice Apple Black, and the Caramel Latte to name a few. Check them out on GrabFood as well as BeepIt to place your order.

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