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These coffee subscriptions in KL will keep you well caffeinated at home

Bring the artisanal coffee experience to your home with these coffee subscriptions in KL.

Do you miss getting a cup of joe from your favourite barista at your favourite third-wave coffee cafe? We can relate. Although most cafes are still doing takeaway, it’s just not the same as getting your daily fix to wake you up before yet another conference call with the bosses. The solution? Be your own barista and make artisanal coffee at home.

If you haven’t already learned how to make your own coffee (and no, we don’t mean Dalgona Coffee), it’s as easy as hopping onto a YouTube tutorial. Many homebrewers have even proclaimed that making their own coffee in the mornings is almost like a therapeutic ritual — from hand-grinding the beans to watching the coffee slowly drip to perfection. Whether you’re an Aeropress kind of person or prefer the standard pour-over, these coffee subscription boxes will ensure that every cuppa you make is going to be good.

Most of these coffee subscriptions come from local coffee roasters, which makes this another form of support you can do for our local businesses during the MCO period. In fact, even after the MCO is lifted (may we see the day…), you can still invest in these coffee subscription boxes, simply because it’s so satisfying to make your own coffee.


One of Petaling Jaya’s favourite cafes (Cream by The Roast Things) has a roastery that also provides coffee subscriptions if you didn’t already know. The Roast Things provides filter coffee subscriptions on a three-month basis and you can opt for either one 200g bag of coffee or two 200g bags of coffee. As for the kind of coffee beans you get, it’s a surprise each month — the people from The Roast Things will pick out the best seasonal offerings so no batch is the same every month. You’ll receive your coffee beans on the first week of every month.

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Love visiting Artisan Roast Coffee in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) or Three Little Birds Coffee cafe in Desa Parkcity and Sentul? Then you need to get on their roastery’s coffee subscription package. The roastery offers a subscription for its filter coffee and espresso coffee beans in one, two, and three-month packages.

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A quick visit to Pulp by Papa Palheta’s e-commerce site will show you the different kinds of coffee beans available as well as its tasting notes. If you’d like a subscription, it comes in the form of the Monthly Surprise Box. Each month you’ll get two different 250g bags of coffee beans that have been specially curated by their roasting team. These beans are small-lot and sourced from various regions around Asia, Latin America and Africa. You’ll get your monthly box by the 15th of every month.

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Malaysia is home to many small coffee roasters, and you’ll be able to find most of their beans on Bean Shipper. These include Brew & Bread, Aitch Coffee Roasters, Seraph Awaken, Cloud Catcher, and more. Bean Shipper also stocks coffee beans from Taiwanese roasting companies, if you’re keen to try. To get your own personalised coffee subscription, you’ll go through a series of questions to determine the way you like your coffee and also how often you’d like your subscription to arrive. It can be as short as every week to as long as a month — take your pick.

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Chances are, you’ve already seen this Insta-famous brand making its rounds on social media. Perk Coffee is one of the newest and trendiest coffee subscription services out there, bringing you beans from around the world. Have it whole-bean, grounded, or in drip bags; Perk Coffee also sells Perkpods, which are Nespresso-compatible. Your subscription can be extremely personalised to your lifestyle, from its origins to how often you’d like it shipped to you.

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