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Create hot and cold coffee recipes with the new Nespresso Atelier coffee machine

Try it out with Nespresso Limited Edition Coconut Flavour Over Ice, as well as the seasonal iced coffee blends, Barista Creations Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso.

If you like your coffee cold or served with ice, we have some exciting news for you. The highly anticipated Nespresso Atelier, a versatile coffee machine capable of creating hot and cold coffee recipes, now makes its debut in Malaysia. What’s great about the new machine is that you can easily prepare your favourite iced beverage without needing to add ice — a superb reason to upgrade your coffee machine or invest in one that’s ideal for longer days at home.

Nespresso Atelier is hailed as one’s personal workbench as it enables coffee lovers to craft their own coffee and milk recipes. From cappuccino to flat white, latte macchiato to mocha, and even an iced frappe, you can satiate your need from caffeine with a simple touch of a button. Furthermore, it is not just coffee drinks in question — you can also craft and customise non-coffee recipes like chocolate or matcha using the state-of-the-art modern-designed coffee machine.

Nespresso Atelier
The new Nespresso Atelier is now available in Malaysia

Adding an touch of simplicity, Nespresso Atelier can also froth milk or plant-based alternatives while assembling the recipe all directly into one cup — hot foam or cold foam, your choice. Unlike the Lattissima range, the Nespresso Atelier comes with an innovative built-in milk frother for in-cup frothing. It’s detachable, making it handy for cleaning.

Nespresso Limited Edition Coconut Flavour Over Ice

Perfect for Home Baristas

Create a desired at-home iced coffee experience by trying out the limited edition Barista Creations for Ice, perhaps something tropical like the Limited Edition Coconut Flavour Over Ice? If you’ve been a fan of having coconut milk in your latte, this new coffee capsule is something you’d like to add to your repertoire. The coconut flavour balances beautifully with the roasted, caramel notes of the Latin American Arabica base espresso. Brew this directly over ice or top up with cold water or milk for a lengthening tropical treat.

If you’re a purist, cool off with the seasonal Barista Creations Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso, two of the brand’s beloved iced coffee blends. Freddo Delicato has an intensity of 6, with sweet fruity expressions. Serve this as a cold latte or mix with soda water and orange juice to heighten its bright citrus notes. Freddo Intenso boasts an intensity of 9, has roasted cereal flavours nuanced with hints of bitterness— perfect to be served black over a handful of ice cubes. However, the options are endless with plenty of recipes you can play with. 

Nespresso Barista Creations
Nespresso Barista Creations comprises Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso

The Nespresso Atelier is priced at RM1,499 and each unit comes with one free Nespresso View Mug. The Nespresso Limited Edition Coconut Flavour Over Ice is priced at RM28 per sleeve, while Barista Creations Freddo Delivato and Barista Creations Freddo Intense are priced at RM25 per sleeve.

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