Malaysia is a great country to live in. Not only do we have year-long tropical weather that’s great for beaches, but we also have plenty to do when it comes to city life. However, what makes Malaysia such a great place to live in is the number of public holidays scattered throughout the year. And what better way to make the most out of potentially long weekends than checking out some of the new bars around town?

As with every other month so far, there are plenty of new bars located around both KL and PJ for you to check out. What’s great about the thriving nightlife scene is that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re into the neighbourhood watering holes, hidden bars, or even a luxurious rooftop bar, many of these tippling clubs cater to specific needs.

For this month, we have a great variety of thematic bars for you to choose from so be sure to read on down below.

Drop Exchange

If you’re a fan of everything Wall Street, be sure to check out Drop Exchange with its stock market theme. This restaurant and bar ensure that everything in its space from decor to menu comes are inspired by the stock market. Drinks are listed on the ‘stock market’ board at the bar where its prices fluctuate based on demand. Drop Exchange comes with its Android app where you can place your orders and lock in your desired price. This ensures that you’ll be paying that specific price all night long.


Image: Drop Exchange

Happy Stan

Happy Stan is one of the latest newcomers into Republik, building on the building’s ever-growing food and drinks scene in Damansara Heights. However, what makes Happy Stan stick out from the rest of the bars around the area is its ability to bring both cocktails and coffee together with great effect. Its clean-cut and well-lit decor makes for a great place to knock back a cocktail or two after work while you watch the evening stroll by. Do note that it’s still in its soft launch phase before officially rolling out its fixed menu in a few weeks.


Image: Happy Stan

Yes Sir Bistro & Bar

Hartamas is well-known for a plethora of bars and eateries at its disposal with Yes Sir Bistro & bar being the latest to arrive unto the scene. However, it touts itself as being more than just your everyday neighbourhood bar as it takes you back in time via its cocktails. Its ingredients comprise mostly of homemade infused liquors to give it a unique profile while its food also knocks it out of the park. However, be prepared to pay your average modern cocktail bar prices for it.


Image: Yes Sir Bistro & Bar


KL’s Chinatown heritage is slowly dying but Concubine is steadily bringing it back to life with its flirtatious and funky introduction into the scene. It’s both a restaurant and a bar that draws inspiration from the events that have taken place within its walls decades ago – which mostly consists of nefarious acts. Its airy and open-air concept takes you back to the bars of old when everything was allowed to happen out in the open. Be sure to check it out before it becomes too crowded.


Image: Concubine


FLO Bar stands for ‘Favourite Lucky Ones’ and you’ll have to consider yourselves pretty lucky to find this new hidden gem in the streets of Ampang. The bar is located right above Flipp and it features plenty of favourite classic cocktails and liquors including the lemon drop shots, as well as its own signature FLO Rose shots. However, if you’re looking for something stronger, FLO Bar has got you covered with a wide array of whiskies and other liquors at its disposal.


Image: FLO Bar

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