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The Glenlivet bottles up another 50 years of whisky perfection

Created around the concept of water, the Vintage 1966 from The Glenlivet Winchester Collection is housed in a glass bottle that is sculpted with elegant flow lines and hand-painted with gold branding that complements the liquid’s rich colour. Crafted from pure gold, a bespoke stopper – each set with precious smoky quarts known as Cairngorm or Whisky Stone – sits on top of this skilfully mouth-blown Glasstorm bottle to protect the precious liquid inside. This bottle will set you back at least six-digits, and reserved for only the most discerning.

A second release in a series that began in 2015, Vintage 1966 was aged entirely in sherry casks, resulting to a remarkably smooth liquid with a balanced taste in terms of acidity, sweetness, and dryness. A sip packs abundant flavours of soft fruits, sweet treacle, and juicy orange with an exceptionally long, silky finish with a pleasing hint of dryness. Scotch whiskies aged into barrels, previously used for sherries, adds new dimensions to these flavours, giving it a darker colour and a fuller mouth feel. The rich aromas of treacle, moist raisin, and homemade apricot jam certainly play its part to give whisky lovers a luxurious experience in a glass.

Alan Winchester, the master distiller at Glenlivet, holds the rare bottle of 50-year-old single malt scotch whisky, Vintage 1966.

Upping the ante for its collectability, the latest from The Glenlivet is also packaged in a dark cherry wood cabinet, designed by award-winning craftsman John Galvin. A hidden key in the lid unlocks the cabinet with a bespoke mechanism that glides the elegant bottle forward upon opening.  We just love how the gold engraving on the woodwork’s exterior and soft ivory leather in the interior add to the prestige of the entire packaging.

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection’s Vintage 1966 Bottle No. 10 will be up for auction at Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge on 25 May 2017.

Only a hundred bottles were produced for The Glenlivet Winchester Collection’s Vintage 1966 series with each given with a unique serial number. And one of them – Bottle No. 10, which arrived in Malaysia two months ago – will finally be sold to only one lucky Malaysian whisky connoisseur.

In 2015, a single bottle of Vintage 1964 from the first The Glenlivet Winchester Collection was bought for a record-breaking price of RM96,000. Pernod Ricard Malaysia is optimistic that this precious, single-malt scotch whisky will be able to break price records and fetch a six-digit figure in Malaysian ringgit in an auction that will be held at Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in on 25 May 2017.

Considered one of the most-sought whisky collections in world, a bottle of Vintage 1966 costs US$25,000 at the global market price. To buy tickets for the auction, visit this website.