Last week, we were among the first in Malaysia to sample Glenmorangie’s eighth Private Edition release — the Glenmorangie Bacalta. The brand’s Private Edition range comprises award-winning single malts that are literally one-of-a-kind — each edition is created once, and can never be duplicated due to the complexities of the process, casks and techniques used. Some of the earlier Private Range editions include the Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX (ISC 2009 Gold Medal) and Glenmorangie Milsean (ISC 2016 Gold Medal).

Following the success of those previous editions, it’s only natural that Glenmorangie continues its legacy. Enter the Glenmorangie Bacalta, which is aged in Madeira casks.

glenmorangie bacalta - bottle
The Madeira-finished Glenmorangie Balcalta.

First, custom American oak casks are created and heavily toasted, then filled with the sweetest Madeira wine — Malmsey — for seasoning. Then, the cask is emptied and shipped to Scotland to be filled with selected spirits which were previously matured in ex-bourbon barrels. Because the casks were infused with Malmsey wine, the Glenmorangie Bacalta enjoys a distinctive layer of sun-baked sweetness unlike any other.

The light gold liquid is non chill-filtered and bottled at 46 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). On the nose, it is fragrant, honeyed and sweet with flavours that are mead-like, similar to ripe apricots and even some sweet white chocolate. Add a dash of water and you’ll be able to sniff a classic port wine tone, with suggestive notes of baked bread, malt or biscuit notes, meadow flowers and some peach crumble.

glenmorangie bacalta
Take a sip neat, then add a dash of water to explore the underlying flavours and aromas.
Upon tasting the brew, you’ll first be greeted with a burst of mint toffee and baked fruits such as caramelised oranges and apricots, plenty of honeycomb, almonds and dates. Then, hints of milk chocolate, marzipan, white pepper, and ripe, juicy honeydew melon will come into play.
For the finish, look forward to a rich, syrupy aftertaste dotted with caramelised citrus and pears, a little bit of creamy fudge, and the familiar menthol sensation in the background.
The Glenmorangie Bacalta is priced at RM530 inclusive of GST. Get your hands on a bottle (or two) now from Moet Hennessy Diageo by calling +60 3 2053 8688 or emailing