Three exclusive Guinness Christmas Gift Sets for your loves ones — or yourself!

As you start going down the list of loved ones that you’re planning to gift this season, we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least one person who enjoys a good pint of Guinness. Its bittersweet yet almost coffee-like taste is unlike no other and this doesn’t just apply to a freshly poured pint at your favourite bar, but also the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

Now you can spread joy, in the form of Guinness Christmas Gift Sets. Just for this festive season, Guinness has released three limited-edition sets that you can gift to your friends and family. Each of them is uniquely different — personalised for three different types of personalities or hobbies. There are The Christmas Spirit, A Sweet Christmas, and Spice & Nice; and each of them comes with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout so your loved ones can continue enjoying its bold and flavourful flavours at home.

Guinness Christmas Gift Sets are available exclusively at Drinkies for a limited time only, for non-Muslims aged 21 and above. Guinness advocates responsible consumption and we urge you to #EnjoyResponsibly. Do not drink and drive.

The Christmas Spirit

Time to be your very own mixologist at home. Created by Guinness Mixologists, this kit consist of ingredients that you’ll need to craft your own cocktail.

  • 1x 6-can (320ml) pack of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (6 cans total)
  • 1x 6-can (320ml) pack of Apple Fox Cider (6 cans total)
  • 2x Guinness Glass
  • 1x Minted Syrup (60ml)
  • 1x Chocolate Syrup (40ml)
  • 1x Recipe Card
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A Sweet Christmas

Put your receiver’s baking skills to the test, and challenge them to make Guinness cupcakes. The recipe is crafted by local bakers.

2x 6-can (320ml) packs of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (12 cans total)
1x Cupcake Baking Tray
1x Cupcake Premix (250g)
1x Bag of Chocolate Chips (50g)
1x Bag of Almond Slices (50g)
1x Recipe Card

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Spice & Nice

Know someone that loves to be in the kitchen? This kit would be perfect for them.

2x 6-can (320ml) packs of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (12 cans total)
1x Cranberry & Sweet Chilli Jam (230g)
1x Guinness BBQ Sauce (230g)
1x Mint Sauce (230g)

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