Drinking and driving is never the right choice, nor should it ever be the only choice. Unfortunately, this has been an ever-present issue all around the world with Malaysia being one of the biggest contributors to drunk driving-related accidents. With the whole idea of not wanting to miss out on the fun with a night out with friends, many drivers would go for a drink or two, most of which will end up being one too many. Heineken is looking to change all that with its latest innovation, Heineken 0.0.

Now you can enjoy a bottle of beer during work without any alcohol involved.

This is the first-ever alcohol-free beer, which is brewed with a unique recipe for a distinctive, yet balanced taste. This allows the beer to have zero traces of alcohol without compromising on its taste. Now one can partake in a cold and refreshing bottle without having to worry about running into a roadblock.

Heineken Master Brewers are the brains behind the operation, using only natural ingredients coupled with Heineken’s own A-yeast. It then goes through a sophisticated de-alcoholisation process, which gently removes the alcohol.

But that is not all Heineken is concerned about. It’s looking to focus on helping its consumers lead a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, paired with moderate alcohol consumption. Whether it’s during your lunch break, before or even after the gym, you can now enjoy a Heineken 0.0 without having any concerns.

Being the designated driver has never been so easy, until now.

The launch of the Heineken 0.0 also comes with its global campaign titled #NowYouCan as well as a new bottling design. For long-time supporters of Heineken, you will remember its bottle carrying its signature green label with a red star at the centre. With Heineken 0.0, it comes with a new blue label as the colour is associated with the non-alcoholic category.

Heineken 0.0 will now be available nationwide in bars, restaurants, and stores worldwide. It will also be sold on Heineken’s e-commerce site, Drinkies.

Wi-Liam Teh
Senior Writer
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