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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 10 best whiskies for Christmas dinner parties

It’s long been a given that you bring a bottle of wine whenever you’re invited over for a Christmas party. Even the obscure port and sherry make an appearance during the yuletide dinner session, but never whisky. We say it’s time to shake things up and bring whiskies for Christmas this year.

Despite its unpopularity, whiskies actually go pretty well with the traditional Christmas menu. Dishes such as turkey, its stuffing, and creamy buttered potatoes pack seriously heavy flavours that will balance out perfectly with the right whisky.

To point you towards the right direction, you can’t go wrong with a single malt whisky aged in a bourbon barrel. Its vanilla and caramel flavour profiles will go well with the roasted vegetables and heavy meat taste of your Christmas dinner.

Meanwhile, for dessert, go for a crowd favourite of whisky aged in sherry casks. Traditionally, Christmas puddings go well with sherry – it is, after all, an ingredient in the dessert. Switch it for the whisky version instead, and all the guests at the dinner party will surely love it.

Finally, to end the night, go for something heavy. The elders might finish off with a port, but you know a peated whisky will be the perfect nightcap. Its smoky flavours won’t clash with the Christmas dinner, but it’ll stand strong alone while you carry on with your conversation for the rest of the night.

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PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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