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‘How to Cognac’ is an invitation to explore the World of Martell

Learning how to serve cognac is only the first step towards mastering cognac and its endless possibilities.

Cognac is versatile. It is liquid gold in the realms of gastronomy, culinary and amongst connoisseurs. From food pairing to cooking, cocktail making to elevating cognac appreciation, Martell is inviting you to up your ante with the Maison’s latest ‘How to Cognac’ series.

While cognac is a great protagonist for many classic and creative cocktails, the world of gastronomy also agrees that cognac food pairing is an excellent way to appreciate the range of cognac from Martell.

Your knowledge on cognac food pairing can certainly be a plus point when it comes to entertaining your guests. Knowing the essentials of cognac and how to pair it can augment your tasting experience to a whole new level. While it is always great to discover the eccentricities of Martell cognac by tasting it neat, there are plenty of things that you can pair it with to enjoy cognac in delicious new ways.

Have you ever wondered what would pair best with Martell XO?

You can find out everything you need to know about cognac through Martell’s latest ‘How to Cognac’ comprising a series of videos that are completely accessible upon a simple sign up.

For those new to the world of Martell cognac, here’s a simple food pairing guide to help you kickstart your journey into the exciting realms of cognac while you enjoy the video series.

Pair seafood with Martell Cordon Bleu

Fish, shellfish and crustaceans are best paired with Martell Cordon Bleu. The cognac is loved for its smooth, fruity and apple notes — complementing the perfectly cooked succulent seafood dishes.

Enjoy Martell VSOP with creamy cheese and desserts

Martell VSOP complements creamy cheese and the aroma of sweet spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Its symphonic aroma of crystallised fruits, raisin and plum, with an underlining scent of oakwood and hazelnut further intensifies the spicy notes of the food and cuts through the fattiness of cheese. Martell VSOP are also great with desserts and sweeter ingredients as the sweetness counterbalances the luscious fruit and refined wood overtones of the cognac.

Red meats and chocolate go with Martell Chanteloup XXO

For more powerful gamy meats, pair it with Martell Chanteloup XXO to further capture the intensity of the cognac. Beef tenderloin, venison, and duck are great selection to pair with the luscious aroma of honey and stone fruits, layered with nutty hints of almonds and walnuts. Its honey-like qualities also makes the Martell Chanteloup XXO extremely complementary with chocolate. 

Complement Martell XO with strong flavours like spicy dishes and ripened cheese

Older cognacs like the Martell XO is excellent with ripened cheese like cheddar, parmesan, Camembert and brie. It is also a great addition to rich creamy sauces to pair with steaks or pan-seared duck breasts — especially good to complement the earthiness of brown sauces (burnt butter or mushroom). Martell XO also goes well with strong flavours like piquant spice, ginger, paprika and pepper — think mala dishes, Chinese stir-fries, and even rendang.

Pairing food with cognac doesn’t have to be complicated. As easy as a drop of cognac can make a big difference in any dish — you do you.

Through the ‘How to Cognac’ series, you can be part of the Martell community while enjoying full access to all the master classes available online. Upon signing up, you’ll also be able to receive exclusive invitations to private events and product launches on top of discovering exclusive content and delicious cocktail recipes.

Check out Martell’s How to Cognac here.

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