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Indulge your palate with Diageo’s latest Special Releases Collection

With the impending apocalypse that is the end of mankind upon the wrath of COVID-19, now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some special whiskies with the new Diageo Special Releases Collection.

We’re only kidding.

On a more serious note, Diageo has actually announced the debut of its much-anticipated Special Releases Collection. It’s inspired by long-running tagline ‘Rare By Nature’, which basically means that each bottle from the collection is unique. The collection comprises eight single malt Scotch whiskies from some of the country’s most renowned distilleries, including the likes of Lagavulin, Mortlach, and The Singleton.

“From the hand-selected Single Malt Scotch to the visually arresting bottles, they each tell a strong story of the extraordinary place and the people who have shaped each dram,” said Ewan Gunn, Diageo Global Whisky Master. “These prestigious and limited-edition bottlings offer fans an opportunity to collect and explore some of our rarest stocks.”

Each bottle in the collection has been meticulously curated. Master blender Dr. Craig Wilson hand-selected each one, taking into account the area of Scotland and also the people involved in crafting that whisky. You won’t find your usual mainstream flavour profiles here – true to its ‘Rare by Nature’ tagline, this collection celebrates not only distinct maturation techniques but also rare cask finishes and unusual flavour profiles. You can be sure that if you get your hands on a bottle – or several – they will be extremely rare and sought-after.

Here you’ll find the eight bottles that make up the collection, as well as its flavour profiles noted by Diageo:

Naturally, the Diageo Special Releases collection is only available in limited quantities and are individually numbered. The Singleton 18 Year Old (RM580) can be purchased from Boozeat. Meanwhile, you’ll have to contact Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia to purchase the full collection.

(All images: Diageo)

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