Not content with being the makers of the world’s first Japanese gin, The Kyoto Distillery has announced the Ki No Bi Edition G, an extension of its signature gin that is aged in champagne barriques.

Its flagship Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin is placed in barriques sourced from Henri Giraud, a house that ages their bubbly in casks made from oak sourced in the Argonne Forest. This innovative move marks a cross-cultural collaboration between the two producers and the first time the world has seen a champagne cask-aged gin.

ki no bi edition g
Edition G. (Photo credit: Ki No Bi)

When released recently in Japan, Edition G sold out near instantly. The distillery has plans to roll out more batches of the expression, predicted to hit globally in the third quarter of 2019.

ki no bi edition g
Ki Noh Bi. (Photo credit: Ki No Bi)

This is not the first time Ki No Bi has experimented with cask-ageing their gins in barrels formerly used by other producers. Last May, the distillery released Ki Noh Bi Editions #1 and #2, aged in casks sourced from defunct distillery Karuizawa — a cult name to any fan of Japanese single malts.

Ki No Bi’s Edition G has an ABV of 48 percent and has a recommended retail price of ¥10,000 (approximately US$92).

Beatrice Bowers
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