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Krug brings music to your ears with the 2004 vintage

“2004 was a harmonious year. The winter was not too cold, and the summer not too hot. The first two weeks of September was dry with cool nights. That made it a suitable hanging time for the grapes,” said Moët Hennessy brand ambassador Chong Wai Keng about the Krug 2004.

2004 was a great year for the cultivation of grapes, which led to the production of Krug Vintage 2004 (pictured on the left).

After a challenging year of small yields in 2003, 2004 was a welcome respite of good weather and excellent grapes. So good was the condition of the grapes that Krug 2004 was bestowed the name “Luminous Freshness”. The sparkly vivacity of the champagne brought to mind the sensations of early summer mornings in Champagne, according to the House of Krug.

We had a chance to try this luminous freshness for ourselves when the Krug Vintage 2004 finally hit our Malaysian shores recently. On the nose, we detected hints of ginger, candied citrus, and quince. Later, richer notes that brought to mind lemon meringue tarts, plum, and mirabelle. Through a carefully curated luncheon by Chef James Won of Enfin by James Won, we were able to really savour the notes of the Vintage 2004.

Halibut pairs extremely well with the Krug Vintage 2004.

The House mentioned that the 2004 pairs well with caviar and white fish, which we got a chance to experience for ourselves with chef James. The fresh citrusy notes really shone through when paired with the caviar and egg whites entrée, as well as the halibut during the mains.

Scan your Krug ID on the official app to get intimate details of your bottle.

The concept of food pairing is a fairly common one, even as far as chocolate pairing is concerned. But if you want to take it a level higher, why not try music pairing? It takes a whole different skill set compared to that of a sommelier, but thankfully the Krug app has you sorted out.

Enjoy music pairing with your bottle of champagne — the playlist has been carefully curated.

When you download the official app, simply analyse the ID that comes with each bottle. Once you scan that in, you will be able to find details about your bottle of champagne including the blend, the story behind that year, and more. Then comes the best part: the unique playlist that comes with each bottle of that particular year. The list has been carefully curated to enhance the tasting experience of your bottle of Krug, but get this: it’s not all just classical music like most would expect. There is quite the selection of contemporary music as well to change things up.

As it turns out, all those nights of listening to music while sipping on a drink is not for naught!

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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