Krug is hitting all the right notes with this release.

The year 2006 was an interesting one for Champagne. The heat that cloaked Clos du Mesnil — one of the most revered sites in Champagne — was unprecedented, with extreme highs and 23 days recorded over 30 degrees Celcius. Then came intense rainfall, which took over the parched region with the equivalent of two months of rainfall in two weeks. 

After the rain came more sunshine, just in time to complete the ripening period. But we’re not here to discuss France’s erratic weather; we’re here to talk about how the Krug Clos de Mesnil 2006 is a stunning masterclass in purity, vivacity, and balance, and why it’s best accompanied not by the finest dishes, but by music.

On the nose, the champagne begins with delicate aromas of citrus and barley sugar, with hints of dried fruits that lend freshness and brightness to this intensely golden expression. A sip immediately reveals delicious hints of madeleine cake and brioche, before giving way to comforting notes of pastry, lemon meringue and a little spice, before culminating in a long finish with notes of candied ginger. 

Remarkably, the grapes used here was harvested over a mere three days between 14 – 16 September of that year to make 14,973 bottles and 800 magnums. The resulting grapes showed a character similar to that of 2002 and 1989, both momentous years for the industry.

The Clos du Mesnil 2006 would undoubtedly make a momentous accompaniment to any meal — particularly with fish or shellfish dishes — but Olivier Krug promises the experience to be doubly intriguing when paired with “Krug Echoes”. 

Like any bottle of Krug today, this bottle of bubbly comes with its own six-digit ID (319030, in this case), which when keyed into the site or its app takes you to composer Ozark Henry’s “Echo of Krus Clos Du Mesnil 2006”. The special composition — in reflecting the flintiness and energy of Mesnil — is racy, intense, and bright, creating a multi-sensory experience that evolves with every sip.

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