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Lockdown activities: 5 steps to making cocktails with the Tanqueray Gin Mixology Kit

It’s been a while since we clink glasses and say ‘cheers’!

Beat the lockdown blues and let the good times be-gin with the Hive Five Tanqueray gin cocktail curated by W Kuala Lumpur. The Tanqueray Gin Mixology Kit enables you to create exciting recipes in the comfort of home. The cocktail kit — an essential for gin lovers — is put together to inspire aspiring amateur mixologists to put their mixology skills to the test.

Siew Han Jun, Liquid Manager W Kuala Lumpur.

The uniquely curated recipe by Liquid Manager of W Kuala Lumpur, Siew Han Jun comes with the perfect ingredients for a refreshing cocktail. It comprises the Tanqueray No. TEN, honey, pomegranate juice, citric acid, and dehydrated grapefruit. The Tanqueray Gin Mixology Kit also comes with equipment needed for you to be your very own bartender, including a Tanqueray Copa Glass, a measuring jigger and a bar spoon for mixing.

Han Jun shares the cocktail recipe that you can create in five simple steps.

    1. Add honey into Tanqueray Copa glass. You can also replace it with Tualang Honey for a slight sour flavour, or any fruit puree as a sweet element.
    2. Add gin and stir well. While the recommended recipe calls for 50ml of gin, you can always double the amount for more kick.
    3. Pour in pomegranate juice and citric acid into glass. You can replace citric acid with fresh citrus (lime or lemon juice), and even express the oils of the lemon peel by twisting it.
    4. Top up with ice and stir well. Be sure to add enough ice to cool the concoction quickly without diluting it.
    5. Garnish with dehydrated grapefruit, or anything that you can find at home — be creative.
Missing the Hive Five Cocktail at W Kuala Lumpur? Make your version at home.

Enjoy the Hive Five cocktail with the Tanqueray Gin Mixology Kit, available exclusively at W Kuala Lumpur beginning August 2021. The kit, priced at RM388+, will also include a bottle of the Tanqueray No. TEN.

The Tanqueray Gin Cocktail Kit

If you need a celebratory drink for the weekend or as a gift to loved ones you’ve not met for weeks, reach out to W Kuala Lumpur via Instagram, Facebook, Beepit or by contacting them at 03-2786 8888 / 012-3479088.

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