The famous arched design has been updated to look cleaner with more dynamic lines.

For years, people immediately recognise the iconic Martell XO bottle. The cognac bottle has even been referred to as “the arch” in some countries – it is that identifiable.

But of course, even great things can be made even better. That’s why, after so long, Maison Martell has decided on a little update in the Martell XO bottle design. It is now cleaner, its lines are more dynamic, and the brush-gold trim has been refined to convey the energy and elegance of Martell XO.

Martell XO
The new Martell XO bottle features cleaner, more dynamic lines.

Even with a modern redesign, fans of the cognac need not worry, because the cognac within is still the same excellent one. The Martell XO is the house’s signature interpretation of what Grande Champagne’s terroir is all about. The characteristics of the eaux-de-vie are revealed with a double distillation process of exclusively clear wines and ageing in barrels of fine-grained oak.

Naturally, with such a great process involved, the results are sure to be fantastic. On the nose, the cognac has a piquant yet spicy sensation with hints of black and pink pepper, as well as coriander. This spiciness is rounded out with rich aromas of fig, walnut, and sandalwood.

Martell XO

When you take a sip of this fine extra old cognac, your palate will first taste the intensity of figs, red fruits, and blackcurrant. Let the liquid linger, and you’ll find that even more characters will reveal itself – what you’ll experience is purely personal. The finish is long and robust, as you would expect from a cognac of such standards.

An iconic cognac in an equally outstanding and iconic bottle is truly the perfect pairing. Now, wouldn’t you say this would be ideal for your iconic moments, just like the video below?

(All images: Martell)

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