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Monkey Shoulder invites you to a cheeky escape from your daily grind with the Out-Of-Office Retreat

Can’t wait to unwind from a stressful work week? Consider going for a cheeky retreat with Monkey Shoulder at The KL Journal Hotel.

If we’re all honest with ourselves, we’d acknowledge the need to take a breather every now and then. Whether you’re in a career rut rushing against deadlines or just need some down time away from your daily challenges, going on a much-needed getaway always helps. If you’re living in KL and don’t feel like travelling too far, the city’s blessed with a myriad of amazing hotels — especially in the Bukit Bintang area.

Staycations are always pretty relaxing and you get to just immerse in your chill bubble for a bit. Why not up the ante with a curated experiences, just like what Monkey Shoulder and The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel have put together? A playful staycation in the heart of the city with some blended malt whisky cocktails? Sign me up, please!

As a digital writer, my days feel like an ongoing rollercoaster that never slows down. Understandably, it’s a fast-paced industry. While it’s great news that pandemic restrictions are easing, this also means it’s back to the full swing of the daily grind — including braving the morning traffic. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to give the special Out-Of-Office Retreat by Monkey Shoulder a go. Designed to inject a necessary dose of playful escapism, it sure felt good to switch off and refresh. Here’s what went down.

Stylish room with playful touches

I checked into the Superior Deluxe Room at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel and the first thing I noticed were playful elements of the free-spirited malt whisky brand. Bringing a light and cheerful vibe to the room, bright orange hues (a sign you’re entering the Monkey Shoulder territory brimming with fun) can be seen throughout; from the pillows on the bed to the sofa. On the coffee table you’ll find the Monkey Twist game and another highlight is the personal bartending cart filled with everything you’d need to make your own Monkey Shoulder cocktails.

Be sure to snap a photo by the huge neon Monkey Shoulder light. As you look out into the horizon (spotting some popular buildings along the way), Out-Of-Office Retreat stickers will remind you to take necessary breathers.

#MakeItMonkey with your own bartending cart

Making my own alcoholic concoctions has never been an expertise of mine. If there was any time to hone a new skill, it was during this staycation. The in-room bartending cart comes with Monkey Shoulder whisky, mixers of ginger ale and soda water, as well as plenty of garnishes — all the essentials to whip up a tipple from the comfort of my own space. The bartending cart also comes equipped with a myriad of cocktail-making tools, such as a shaker, a jigger for precise measurements, a bar spoon for stirring, a muddler, a strainer, and some glasses — perfect for aspiring mixologists. But if you’re a newbie like me, you’ll be pleased to know simple recipe cards are available too.

When it came to making my own cocktail, I stumbled upon a very difficult decision. Here came the dilemma! Should I go with Monkey Splash or Ginger Monkey?

It’s a getaway with Monkey Shoulder, so why not try making both cocktails? Equally refreshing and delicious, these cocktails are signature Monkey Shoulder creations — and let’s just say I was thoroughly proud of myself. Monkey Splash is light, zesty, and refreshing. It’s a classic scotch and soda combination. As for Ginger Monkey, what I love most is that instant pizzazz I got from the very first sip. Hints of spiced oak and vanilla from the scotch add to the cocktail’s overall flavour profile. Monkey Shoulder is a 100% malt whisky made for mixing and that definitely made the process foolproof for me.

Experience more at The Swimming Club

If you want to sip on cocktails by the pool, head over to The Swimming Club, The KL Journal Hotel’s rooftop bar on the eleventh floor. Guests of the Out-Of-Office Retreat are treated to two complimentary Monkey Shoulder cocktails per room. Take your pick from the curated menu of delicious signatures: Monkey Splash, Lazy Old Fashioned, or Ginger Monkey. This is also a great spot to get your Instagrammable shots.

Time to get twisting

Do you remember the Monkey Twist I mentioned earlier? Well, nothing says stress-reliever like a party game that gets everyone cracking up with laughter. Monkey Twist promises a great time with your staycation companion, especially true if flexibility is not your strong suit.

Verdict and all the cheeky staycation details you need to know

If I have to describe my staycation using only one word, it’d be ‘rejuvenating’. It sure was pleasant being able to get away and unwind after a long week. Monkey Shoulder is all about being free-spirited and fun; characteristics you are sure to experience during your staycation at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.

Personally, it’s also a bonus that Monkey Shoulder’s Out-Of-Office Retreat in The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel is located in the Golden Triangle, making my trips to nearby attractions easier, be it for food or shopping. The Superior Deluxe Room at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel was spacious and the bed’s really comfortable. In my opinion, essentials for a good night’s rest. I enjoyed being able to learn more about Monkey Shoulder and its flavour profile. That includes being able to concoct my own cocktails and just immersing myself in the world of Monkey Shoulder. Of course, it was amazing that I got to just escape work (even for a bit) and steer myself into a more serene state of mind

Monkey Shoulder’s Out-Of-Office Retreat will be available from 21 June to 13 August 2022. The 2 Days 1 Night package is priced from RM580 for weekday nights and RM680 for weekends (inclusive of breakfast for two). Book your next fun-filled and cheeky getaway now via the campaign microsite.

Giveaway Alert!

Can’t wait to get cheeky and get away? Monkey Shoulder is giving away 2 Days 1 Night stays to 10 lucky Malaysians — and a set of Monkey Shoulder’s limited edition Pyjama Suit! If you’re craving for a much-needed escape from your daily grind, this is a giveaway you’d want to participate in. To enter the giveaway (running from 20 June to 17 July 2022), all you need to do is purchase a bottle of Monkey Shoulder from participating outlets. Head to this website to see the locations as well as to submit your proof of purchase and contact details. Winners of the Monkey Shoulder giveaway will be announced on 18 July.

For more information about Monkey Shoulder, visit this website.

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