The national drink of the English, tea has always been likened to elegance. From the fine porcelain teacups to sipping daintily with one pinky out, having tea is a societal experience. There are tea houses that boast a wide selection of teas to be had with a tray of scones and pastries, while others yet invite you to sit down and ponder the philosophies of life.

Like coffee, the art of brewing tea is also a defined process. Chinese tea houses have a whole ritual of pouring hot water over the tea sets, steeping tea, and then pouring them over the tea sets again. The English tea debate of, “milk in first or milk in last?” is still arguable. Personally, we prefer the latter.

As for the healing properties of tea, the list is endless. For centuries, medicine men have been steeping herbs, leaves, and various flowers into hot water to test their medicinal properties. Whether to soothe one’s senses or calm the common flu, tea is always there to help.

So instead of heading to a busy hipster cafe for some single origin coffee, try out one of these tea houses in KL the next time you’re out. We promise it’ll be a refreshing change of pace.