As a popular spirit, vodka is uncontended. It’s widely used in cocktails thanks to its versatility of being colourless, odourless and relatively tasteless. It’s great in the clubs, but one wouldn’t put it on the same level as the more refined spirits such as cognac and whiskies. Not only are they far more complex in flavour and aromas, these spirits are also more expensive to produce in large quantities. It’s not easy to take vodka seriously — until now when modern producers are upping the ante with these craft vodka bottles.

Craft vodka differs from the industrially-made ones because it’s produced from scratch. In┬áthe United States, mainstream vodka is made as a byproduct of factories making ethanol out of corn. Producing craft vodka is not as simple as making the same stuff industrially. It’s time-consuming and expensive. Yet, there are more craft vodka bottles being produced now in order to stand out from the mainstream brands. More than being just a cheap drink used to get drunk at the club, vodka is now being upgraded into something more refined with great quality. In fact, some of these craft vodka bottles use different ingredients in the distillation process, giving the spirit a different flavour and mouthfeel than what you’d normally expect.

Ready to give craft vodka a try? Read on for a list of craft vodka bottles to purchase and taste.