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Sugar and spice: Johnnie Walker introduces new Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish whisky

This new Johnnie Walker expression will join the core collection of whiskies from the brand.

If there’s anything we learned over the years with pairing whisky and food, it’s that sherry-finished whiskies pair particularly well with Asian cuisine; especially Chinese food. It’s something about the sweet, candied-fruit flavours of these whisky finishes that tend to go well with the bold flavours of Chinese cuisine that make them such a hit especially this part of the world.

“As sherry cask whisky gains popularity among consumers, this new expression will certainly be a favourite among whisky lovers,” said Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director of Diageo Malaysia.

Cashing in on that success, Johnnie Walker recently introduced the Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish blended whisky to Malaysia. Right now, only China and Taiwan carry this new expression — a testament to just how well it could potentially do in this region.

For the Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish, master blender Jim Beveridge expertly married a blend of single malt whiskies aged at least 15 years and finished them off in ex-Sherry oak casks. These are no ordinary ex-sherry casks, as it comes from the Jerez region of Spain, which is the birthplace of the fortified wine. Whiskies aged in ex-sherry casks tend to carry a certain sweetness and depth that only Jerez can produce.

Among the single malt whiskies that make up Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish blend, three distilleries in particular, stand out: Cardhu, Clynelish, and Glen Elgin. The Cardhu Distillery, located in Speyside boasts signature flavour profiles of candied sweetness, spice, and a fruity finish. On the other hand, the Clynelish Distillery located in the Highlands has a classic flavour profile of dried fruits, chocolate, and a floral fragrance. Finally, the Glen Elgin Distillery typically boasts aromas of fruit cake and dried fruits. All these, alongside other whiskies, make up the special blend that results in this whisky.

johnnie walker
The Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish pairs particularly well with Chinese cuisine.

On the nose, the Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish has a slightly floral aroma and notes of honey, vanilla, and baked apples. As enticing as it smells, it’s really the first sip that seals the deal. Thanks to the sherry cask finish, you get the unmistakable flavours of candied fruits, dried fruits, and cocoa. But the blends of whisky lend their own signature flavour profiles to this new expression: chocolate, nuts, fruit cake, honey, and spices. The whisky is altogether sweet and aromatic, making for a good pair with Asian cuisine or even alone.

The Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish is available for purchase on Boozeat, Stay Thirsty, Whisky.my, and major supermarkets.

All images courtesy of Diageo Malaysia.

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