The new bottling that joins The Macallan’s Exceptional Single Cask range was distilled in 1950, earning the moniker ‘The 1950’.

Was 1950 a good year? Historical events may beg to differ, but over in Speyside, things seemed to fare better for The Macallan. In fact, it was a significant period in the Scotch brand’s history, as an investment in the construction of new buildings on-site and modernisation of existing buildings took place. The brand also bought additional farmland with the first of The Macallan highland cows taking residence on the site. It was a sign of newer, better things to come.

Of course, it was the year that the liquid in this particular bottling was filled into a cask and left to mature for 67 years before being bottled in September 2018. The first-fill sherry butt cask itself was almost thought to be lost, so its discovery was a momentous one. Thanks to nearly seven decades of maturation, the whisky had incredible aroma and depth, with a rich and elegant character of antique oak and subtle peaches.

There’s also a lingering peatiness to the whisky with antique oak, rich wood spices, and orange peel zest with warm root ginger. Naturally, with something of this calibre, the whisky has a long and sweet finish.

As for exclusivity, The 1950 has only 336 bottles released globally with an estimated retail price of RM400,000. You already know how much a rare and old bottle of The Macallan can go for — and if whisky investment is to be believed, you might want to consider this bottling.

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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