Gin is the current darling of the drinking world. It has more prestige than vodka and tequila but is less exclusive compared to the likes of wine and whisky. Gin welcomes everyone with open arms to try its herbaceous botanicals with cocktails that can be as simple as a gin and tonic to stronger ones such as Negroni. Unlike cognac, scotch, bourbon, and wine, there isn’t a wrong way to make gin. Sure, juniper berries may be the dominating flavours in what makes a gin, but the other complementing botanicals are completely up to the distiller.

That said, there are some unusual gins out there that toe the line on funky flavours used in the distillation process. When we say funky, we mean it. There are small batch distilleries out there that produce unusual gins that include jackfruit, galangal flowers, bamboo leaves, and even seaweed. Trying these out will test the boundaries of your palate and perhaps even everything you thought you knew about gin. Read on to find out more about them.