It took a £140 million investment, up to 400 people specialising in over 20 different trades, and three years and six months to complete — but the new Macallan distillery will finally be open to public viewing this 2nd June 2018.

Set in the Speyside region and a mere 400 metres away from its existing distillery, the new Macallan distillery on the Easter Elchies estate is a mammoth project — a centrepiece of owner Edrington’s £500 million investment. It’s well worth the money, as the new distillery and visitor experience building will enable the production of The Macallan to increase by a third if necessary, as well as create over 60 additional job opportunities.

More than just a distillery that will increase production, the visitor experience is also one worth mentioning. Like most brewers and distillery tours, it is limited to only a small group of people in one session — 12, for this particular one. Designed especially to enhance the experience, the huge visitor’s centre has interactive pillars showcasing The Macallan’s brand history, a moving glass sculpture, and a collection of over 398 bottles on display.

The new Macallan distillery is also a contemporary architectural powerhouse. It cuts into the slope of the land, maximising the aesthetic beauty of the building whilst minimising the visual impact on the Speyside landscape. While most have described its iconic roof as “curvy”, it is actually a triangulated metric of grids. There’s more to the interesting roof than meets the eye, which you will soon find out. Read on for more things you didn’t know about The Macallan distillery and visitor experience.