British supercentenarian, Grace Jones, once advised that taking a drop of whisky and water every night before going to bed will prolong your life. It’s a big claim but one that we may consider also because of the common love for whisky.

As for these gents, a glass of whisky is one of their favourite ways to wind down after a long day. Their liquor of choice? The Macallan 12YO Double Cask.

Benny Price, a fitness coach; Andrew Turner, Chief Business Officer of Consider iProspect; Ismael Ma, photographer; and King Quah, co-founder of Salty Customs share the same love for The Macallan 12YO Double Cask but it’s a different experience for each of them.

Photographer Ismael Ma thinks that The Macallan 12YO Double Cask is the perfect gift for friends.
Benny Price, who’s a fitness trainer, loves The Macallan 12YO Double Cask for its richness and hint of butterscotch.

The Macallan name itself brings people together. As for The Macallan 12YO Double Cask, it is a single malt whisky with multiple facets — an accurate description that could be used on these gents as well. They thrive in their own way in respective industries but they share a common love for a good glass of whisky. There are many possible reasons why they gravitate towards The Macallan 12YO Double Cask; perhaps its creaminess from the butterscotch or the hint of spice from the ginger. Either way, each has their own story to tell based on their personal experiences with this single malt whisky. But of course, what better way to celebrate their experience and friendship than a drinking session paired with good food that compliments the warm character of this harmonious single malt.

Watch the below video to see how these gents bond and interact with the main star of the event, The Macallan 12YO Double Cask.

Special credits:
Photographer: NZP.
Location: Duplex Penthouse at DC Residensi
Outfit and styling: Lord’s Tailor
Makeup: Alvin Loh
Hair: Zac Lee

Jolin Lee
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