The fine dining scene in Malaysia has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Back then, it was all about white table linens with a stiff atmosphere to boot. These days, many modern restaurants are adopting a more casual approach when it comes to fine dining and doing away with all the bells and whistles. Entier is one such establishment that ensures everything in its space serves a purpose.

Having been in the scene for a year now, Entier has always been about its nose-to-tail eating in Kuala Lumpur, which mainly talks about sustainable dining. Located on the 41st floor at Alila Bangsar, Entier embraces its spirit of communal dining with a sharing concept, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

With this, chef Masashi brings out new additions to this season’s dinner menu. He introduces seven new dishes into Entier’s repertoire, all of which are locally sourced in the Malaysian terroir as well as the surrounding regions. This entails with a tale of its own that connects people to their food while also ensuring that the quality is still is immaculate.

Chef Masashi also ensures that each dish has its very own story to tell, from its place of origin down to what one can expect from it. Fret not as Entier still keeps many of its favourites on the menu, which includes its josper-grilled Australian black Angus t-bone steak as well as its dark chocolate souffle. Scroll on down to check out some of our favourites from the latest dishes Entier has to offer for this season on its new dinner menu.