Experience a voyage into The Seven Worlds of Hennessy X.O at Saint Pierre Kuala Lumpur with a specially curated multi-sensorial menu that highlights every nuance of the exquisite cognac. Recently awarded its second Michelin star in Singapore, Saint Pierre in KL maintains a high level of finesse and artistry int he making of the seven pairing plates to complement each tasting note of Hennessy X.O with very unique and unforgettable flavours. The kitchen, headed by Chef Lroy Lim, takes inspiration from a short film directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, as each dish illustrates the taste and feel of the cognac — Sweet Notes, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches, and Infinite Echo.

Chef Lroy Lim recently took the helm at Saint Pierre KL. (Photo: Saint Pierre KL)

While these seven courses represent the very essence of Hennessy X.O, every perception varies depending on palate, experiences and what is seen on the plate. Every sip brings a distinct sensation that tells a different story, as the layers and depth of the flavour unfold through the seven courses.

Smell, Taste, Sip

Begin your odyssey with notes of Wood Crunches that are described as a striking sensation that builds with the flow of oak notes and vanilla — a bold and complex aroma that hits you but vanishes quickly; leaving you wanting for more. The first course, “Buri” comprises slices of Japanese amberjack marinated in soy sauce, sake and mirin. The raw fish is lightly smoked and served on a ring of dashi-ponzu gel. The chopped shiso leaves a beautiful herbaceous touch to the overall dish. Interestingly, pairing the fish with cognac intensifies the umami from the dashi and brings out a subtle woody aroma from the smoking technique.

Sweet Notes - Foie Gras
Wood Crunches - Buri

The next starter is “Foie Gras” that represents Sweet Notes, with hints of stone fruits in the Hennessy X.O. Foie gras, beautifully seared with the right amount of char on the edges is served with caramelised apples and a sauce made of reduced old port. When taken with the X.O, you get a tinge of spice that helps cut through the richness of the liver — offering you an exquisitely balanced dish.

Onto the third starter, diners will be tantalised with “Lobster” to accentuate the Flowing Flame notes. Whole lobster in its shell is glazed with butter and flamed over charcoal fire to give a beautiful barbecued flavour that harmonises with the warmth of the X.O. An unusual pairing of turnip (with shellfish) is introduced in three different ways — a consommé of roasted turnip tea with miso, turnip puree and butter-glazed turnip cooked with lime zest and miso — assembled like a tiny ravioli dish.

Flowing Flames - Lobster
Infinite Echo - Black Truffle

Another truly delightful starter is “Black Truffle” that comprises black truffle as the star ingredient, alongside celeriac puree that’s infused with earl grey tea and truffle jus. All these are wrapped in a filo pastry, like a tiny parcel, and served with an intense port wine sauce and a generous helping of shaved truffles. The citrusy scent of the earl grey tea gives oak undertones when paired with the X.O while the truffle lends a lingering long finish — representing the Infinite Echo.

Main Dish

Rising Heat – “Duck”

The fifth course “Duck” is the only main and it represents the Rising Heat in the Hennessy X.O. Chef Lim explains: “What we have here is a pan-seared Irish duck breast that is aged for a week to further intensify its flavours. A mix of spices like corianer, cumin, black pepper and Szechuan peppercorns gives an aromatic finish while the Belgian endives with sansho-infused duck jus heightens the flavour profile of this dish. Expect a slow crescendo of savoury notes that develops into a slight earthiness, with a nice numbing heat to finish.


The last two courses — both pre-dessert and dessert respectively — highlight the deep dark nuances of Spicy Edge and Chocolate Lull, both are rich full-bodied notes in the X.O. As a palate cleanser, the “Spiced Wine” is a simple yet refreshing wine white sorbet intensified with cinnamon, clove and orange peel. Diced orange flesh adds a burst of freshness to the dish, bringing in a celebratory element when enjoying Hennessy X.O.

What we find truly surprising is in “Chocolate” where a log-shaped chocolate shell filled with milk chocolate, milk gel, praline mousse and hazelnut crumble sits unassumingly on the large plate but carries such rich and delicate flavours when taken with small sips of the X.O. The dessert invites you to have more of the liquid gold as you blend notes of dark chocolate with a sweet fragrance in the end.

Chocolate Lull - Chocolate
Spicy Edge - Spiced Wine


As you wash down your palate with a final sip of the Hennessy X.O, be prepared to truly experience a melange of all seven layers in the cognac that come together simultaneously — as if orchestrated in unison through the seven course meal. If you’re looking at dining with class and finesse, be it for a celebration or an important date, this is definitely a dining experience to remember — especially enhanced by the complexity of the X.O.   

(All images courtesy of Hennessy)

Hennessy X.O — The Seven Worlds at Saint Pierre Kuala Lumpur will be available from 13th September to 1st September 2019 for RM538++ per person with an extra of RM58++ for a glass or RM950++ for a 700ml bottle of Hennessy X.O.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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