Every year, luxury car manufacturers would go above and beyond at trying to best one another through their latest models. Usually, it’ll be either a sedan or a coupé but sometimes, it’ll also be SUVs. Rest assured, there will be a healthy balance of luxury cars every year with each type getting its share in the limelight. We’ll be highlighting the luxury SUVs of 2019 today to see what are the main differences each luxury brand offers to its range of SUVs.

Last year saw the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and the Maserati Levante Trofeo making an appearance on our list. This goes to show that luxury supercar manufacturers are also hopping onto the bandwagon of powerful luxury SUVs. This year will be no different as many more supercar makers are participating this time around.

What’s great about luxury SUVs these days is the perfect balance between power, design, and comfort. Not only does it look good on the road, but it can also hit top speeds in no time at all while you sit comfortably in the cockpit. Be sure to scroll below to read up on the top luxury SUVs of 2019, all of which comes with its own unique offerings.